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  • Published : April 10, 2013
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How to deliver Support:
I usually go to temple on Thursdays, as that’s my religious date, however I would like to go on some other festival days like Diwali, which my parents will let the Home know about it. I really enjoy going to Temple and usually before 1 day I will start prompting my Support Worker by folding my hands and saying “Jay jay”, which will mean I am ready to go Temple. To ensure I am assisted in a safe and dignified manner please follow the guidelines set out below: 1: Ask me if I am ready for going to temple, then I will follow you if I am ready. 2: Always take 3 pull ups, 2 Shirts, 2 Boxer Shorts and 2 Trousers, for me in-case if I need changing over there. Also make sure that I take some loose change with me like 20 pence which I will donate there. 3: I would always like to sit on the front passenger seat of the company vehicle, and usually I will fasten seat belt myself, but always look if I have securely done that. 4: On the way I always like to listen music and I will adjust the volume of the stereo myself. 5: Upon reaching temple I usually get very excited, and I will start jumping on the seat, please say to me to stay calm and reassure me. 6: When I am inside the Temple, remind me to take off the shoes as it’s not permissible to wear the shoes inside the temple. 7: I will go inside and my co-worker should accompany me there. I will sit there for a while and will listen to the religious prayers there. 8: After prayers have finished, I will join the que to get the Prasad (blessed sweets) from the priest, which I will eat some and bring some back home to eat later. 9: I will then come back, remind me to put my shoes on and then I will head with you to the Car Park and will come back Home happily.
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