Hsc 3088 Implement Therapeutic Group Activities

Topics: Group dynamics, Bruce Tuckman, Facilitator Pages: 3 (1311 words) Published: January 14, 2013
HSC 3088 Implement therapeutic group activities

WDP (Westminster drugs project) SU’s (service users)
Participating in therapeutic group activities can benefit an individual’s identity, self-esteem and well-being in many different ways. For example during an open support group the chairs are set out in a circle and the service user will take a seat with his/her fellow SU’s and the group is facilitated by a trained practitioner. At WDP this is very important for the SU’s self development. It’s a space for SU’s to talk openly about what is going on in their lives. It is also a safe environment, where SU’s can get feedback from each other and the facilitator. This type of group can help SU’s identify with one and other and come up with ways of tackling issues regarding everyday life. Here you can develop your own sense of identity and self- awareness. It gives SU’s self-esteem a huge boost to take part in such groups and greatly improves well-being. By taking part in regular support groups the SU’s will develop at a different pace from each other, positive self-development can be achieved by being open-minded. Friendships and bonding can be achieved through group work. At WDP we have one to one sessions with SU’s, this is usually for thirty to sixty minutes. Here the SU’s can talk with their key-worker privately about what is going on in their lives, maybe they would not want other SU’s to know certain things about them. It is used as a way of support, with the aim of enabling the SU to develop and move forward in a positive manner. Topics such as anger management tend to work better in groups. SU’s can share tips with each other and let each other know of ways that have helped them manage their anger in certain situations. The facilitator will be there to guide and direct the group, plus give their own knowledge on the topic. We work with SU’s who have addiction problems and can react on their emotions very quickly. I think their fellow SU’s can help them...
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