Hsc 24 - Task

Topics: Abuse, Child abuse, Social work Pages: 9 (3158 words) Published: March 20, 2013
Principles of safeguarding and protection
in health and social care
(HSC 24)

Section 1 How to recognise sign of abuse
Physical abuse happen when is involved contact planned to cause bodily harm, feelings of intimidation. The signs are physical suffering or injury, injuries that are the shape of objects, injuries in a variety of stages or injuries that have not received medical attention. A person is being taken too many times or different places to receive medical attention, skin infections, dehydration or unexplained weight changes or medication being lost, behaviour that indicates that the person is afraid or avoiding the perpetrator, change of behaviour.

An individual is more vulnerable to this time of abuse if has a disability or a mental problem, elderly people are very vulnerable, the ones with dementia or not having mental capacity. Individual is secluded or isolated or are vulnerable, individuals with a sensory impairment, for example, poor or no hearing or sight that might lead to communication difficulties. The individuals mentally ill or disable, or medically dependent people, such as nursing home patients or residential supporting living or even in their on home. This is because they have nobody to protect them and are often abused by people in their lives who support them or a member of family.

Sexual abuse is the forcing of undesired sexual behaviour by one person upon another, unwanted advances, indecent exposure or harassment, rough washing or touching of the genital area, rape, being forced to watch or participate in sexual acts. The sings are sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy, tears or bruises in genital/anal areas, soreness when sitting, signs that someone is trying to take control of their body image, for example, anorexia, bulimia or self-harm, sexualised behaviour, inappropriately dressed.

Individuals more vulnerable to this abuse are the ones who has low self-esteem and no sense of self-worth. Someone who has been physically and emotionally abused in the past, someone that has been sexually abused. People who have substance abuse problems. The individuals mentally ill or disable, medically dependent people such as nursing home patients or residential supporting living or even in their own home. This is because they have nobody to protect them and are often abused by people in their lives who support them or a member of family.

Emotional/psychological abuse may involve threats or actions to cause mental or physical harm, intimidation, not being included, being ignored, bullying, humiliating and blaming. These include discrimination that relates to age, race, gender, sexuality, culture, religion.

The signs for this abuse are difficulty gaining access to the adult on their own, the adult not getting access to medical care or appointments with other agencies, low self-esteem or lack of confidence and anxiety, increased levels of confusion, increased urinary or faecal incontinence, sleep disturbance, the person feeling/acting as if they are being watched all of the time, decreased ability to communicate, language being used that is not usual for the service user, deference/submission to the perpetrator.

Individuals more vulnerable to this type of abuse are the ones that may lack the capacity to understand what is happening or that it is wrong, Individuals that may be physically or emotionally weak and rely on others for care, individuals being cared for at home who are reliant on another person for care and support, elderly people that live in nursing homecare.

Financial abuse is the illegal or unauthorised use of a person’s money, property, pension book or other valuables.
The signs are sudden loss of assets, unusual or inappropriate financial transactions, visitors whose visits always coincide with the day a person’s benefits are cashed, insufficient food in the house, bills not being paid, a sense that the person is being tolerated in the house due to the income...
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