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  • Published : July 3, 2012
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Principles of safeguarding and protection in health & social care * Physical abuse: contact intending to cause injury or bodily harm – hitting or slapping. Signs – bruising, fear of physical contact.

* Sexual abuse: the forcing of undesired sexual behaviour by one person to another – rape, sexual assault. Signs – STI, rashes in genital area.
* Emotional / psychological abuse: Threats or actions to cause mental or physical harm- isolation, withdrawal behaviour. Signs: bedwetting, distrust of people.
* Financial abuse: Illegal or unauthorised use of some ones property, money or benefits – change in will, no food. Signs: sudden loss of cash, missing personal property.
* Institutional abuse: failure of a home to provide appropriate care to a vulnerable person- rigid routine, mis- use of medication Signs: over medication, tiredness
* Self-Neglect: An individual fails to attend to basic needs – personal hygiene, appropriate clothing. Signs: confusion, weight loss.
* Neglect by others: the person / home that is responsible to provide care for someone unable to do for themselves fails to provide adequate care needs- lack of trained staff, not providing appropriate food. Signs: bed sores, persistent weight loss.

________________________________________________________________________________________ * Poor communication
* Carer being young or immature
* Carer being ill – drugs / alcohol / depression
* Lack of support / training
* Intensity of the illness or dementia
* Social isolation
* Carer or carer for person having a history of troubled relationship ____________________________________________________________________________________________To develop & implement procedures & strategies which are designed to protect adults at risk from abuse. These strategies will follow guidelines set by Sussex Multi Agency Policy & Procedures for Safeguarding Adults at issues of abuse. This includes the Whistle...
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