Hsbc Swot Analysis

Topics: Bank, Central bank, Bank regulation Pages: 2 (430 words) Published: December 18, 2012
The banking sector plays a big role in the Egyptian community. As banks are one of bases in the state, Egypt had published the united bank of law to help in increasing the merging and the activating of banking system to form strong banks with strong financial position. In the article, the aim is to know the effect of globalization on the banking system performance in Egypt and the defiance to attain more effective contribution in moving the economic development wheel. Globalization aim is to maximize the opportunities and to increase gains and to look to the future by taking the activities and field of the bank to a new direction. Also, it created universal banks hat become more creative and also created special customers and gave them richer future with richer level of banking service. Globalization means providing services from inside to outside and keeping the local position of the bank more effective and active to help in expansion and extension with increasing globalization, banking work became more exposed to risk by external and internal factors. The demand for banking service is indication of the economic performance in a country. The banking services usually go through several stages to reach the satisfaction of the customers. In order to reach the satisfaction of the customers fully, mergering is one of the economic influence globalization and this means giving up a small name of a bank and taking a new name with another bank. There are some reasons behind merging such as maximizing the value of the bank. In Egypt, mergering leads to increasing profit and decreasing costs Moreover, globalization require effective banking control and this is by having clear responsibilities and goals, in dependent administration, available financial resources, legal framework for banking supervision and information exchange system between the bank and controllers In order to grant a license for a bank, the activities allowed for the bank must be planned; it must be...
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