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Achieve your dreams, secure your future.
Many people save to attain their dreams and goals, whether it is a longawaited holiday, a grand wedding, their children’s education, or a comfortable retirement. GoalSaver is a fixed-term endowment plan designed to help you set aside a sum of money regularly towards achieving your goals. At the same time, it offers protection against life’s uncertainties by providing financial security for you and your loved ones.

Benefits of GoalSaver
Guaranteed 2.5% coupon every six months Receive regular coupons of 2.5% of your initial sum assured paid out every six months (starting from the end of the third year of your policy). Or, reinvest your coupons to earn higher returns by accumulating interest at the prevailing interest rate*. You also have the option to receive 0% coupon, instead of 2.5% coupon, to maximise your cash value at maturity. Increasing life cover Coverage against death is increased each year as reversionary bonus is added to the sum assured. Flexible policy terms Option to choose from five different policy terms: 10, 15, 20, 21 or 25 years to meet your goals. Different maturity payout options Choose one of three flexible payout options: - Withdraw the maturity payout in one lump sum at the end of your policy term. - Reinvest the maturity payout in the plan and accumulate interest at the prevailing interest rate*. You can choose to withdraw the full amount in one lump sum at any time thereafter until you reach 99 years of age.


Receive a fixed monthly income for a specified amount or period. Any amount that has not been paid out will accumulate interest at the prevailing interest rate*.

Opportunity to enhance your coverage Option to increase your protection by adding supplementary benefits such as payor benefit, total and permanent disability benefit, critical illness benefit and more. Flexible premium payment options Choose your premium payment to match your comfortable level of commitment: - Spread...
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