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Topics: Better, Motivation, Self-esteem Pages: 4 (875 words) Published: December 14, 2012
Improving Employees’
Joel Kirschbaum, Institute for Motivated Behavior
Strategies to enrich, empower, and improve self-esteem and
morale will help most employees.
Two categories are omitted:
· No attention need be given to those with a surfeit of selfesteem, such as
· dictators of docile, rich countries, Nobel laureates, megabillionaires, and full professors who wrote the standard texts
in their fields. Many of those must meet with accountants
who track income streams in, and alimony payments out to
the once-adoring.
· Purposely omitted is any mention of senior academicians,
who use their enormous intellectual endowment to perfect
techniques to enhance self-esteem by inviting each other to
give guest seminars, take sabbaticals at distant, desirable
sites, contribute articles to each
· others’ tomes, and who may review my manuscripts.
These strategies are more for their servile teaching and
research assistants, who subsist on crumbs and hope, but who can also have their self-esteem enhanced by getting a printed acknowledgement. Interns’ self-esteem usually originates
merely from being selected to serve gratis.
I: Inexpensive Ways to Increase Self-
Praise: Whether false or true, it always produces transient
good feelings, whose duration depends on the verbal skill, status and demeanor of the utterer. See the following article, “The 12
Impact on Employee Morale Due to Use of Exclamatory Phrases
by Managers”, by Manish Gupte.
Illusionary Promotions and Pay Increases: First,
employers should introduce 20 to 40 gradations in titles, so the employee can labor away at one job for a lifetime and still
achieve a “deserved” annual “promotion” to a higher “level”. Colleges and universities can subdivide academic levels to
provide incentives; i.e., one paper published in a reviewed
journal equals one infinitesimal increase toward a full
professorship – or, at least, toward a renewal of a perpetual postdoctoral fellowship. The...
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