Hsa 515 Assignment #4

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“Code Blue – Emergent Care”
HSA 515
Judy Finnie
Dr. Jason Roberts
December 2, 2012

Code Blue – Emergent Care
In this paper I will be playing the part as a chief operating officer (COO) and I am responsible for a 15-bed Emergency Room (ER). In this scenario I am facing many complaints within the last year regarding inadequate care, poor Emergency Room management, long wait times, and patients being sent away because of lack of space, staff, or physicians to provide appropriate care. I am asked to (1) Thoroughly diagnose the root causes of the complaints about the clinic, (2) thoroughly devise a strategic plan for overcoming the problems associated with the current Emergency Room, (3) thoroughly justify how the “Good Samaritan Law” affects the appropriate treatment of the Emergency Room patients, (4) thoroughly analyze how the different levels of emergency services (basic, intermediate, transfer, and trauma) should be prioritized in the strategic plan, (5) thoroughly formulate a plan to treat adults, minors, or incompetent adults in the new Emergency Room organization, and (6) thoroughly create a procedure to provide care to those who refuse to consent to treatment.

(1) Thoroughly diagnose the root causes of the complaints about the clinic. There are many root causes for the complaints that have been recorded regarding the Emergency Room. The main problem would be the overcrowding and the lack of beds and personnel to take care of overflow of patients in the emergency room which creates a chain reaction which in turn leads to inadequate patient care, long wait times, patients being sent away because of lack of space, etc. According to most research there is an increase everywhere in Emergency Rooms in the U.S. This results in the increasing uninsured Americans and enrollees in public programs, for example Medicaid coverage. The emergency room that I am in charge of only has 15 beds for emergency room patients. This in turn can cause a backlog because there is no room to put patients and then could eventually lead to sending patients back home or away because of the lack of space. With the overwhelming amount of patients coming to the Emergency Room and no place to put them and the lack of staff results in poor care, long wait times and poor Emergency Room Management due to lack of staff to deal with certain duties to make the Emergency Room run efficiently. The problem that seems to exist is the lack of organization and care planning of the Emergency Room patients and categorizing them according to their needs and critical care. There needs to be a reevaluation of new job duties and departments on what they will be doing in the process of admitting patients in the Emergency Room. Also the lack of staff can cause a lot of problems and which the Emergency Room will need to add more nurses, physicians, Physician Assistants to the mix so that people are not waiting long lengths of time to be seen. Also I would start a new team called the Constant Quality Improvement team. They will be responsible on making the corrections implemented to stay in place or to improve these changes to make the Emergency Room more efficient and they will be constantly reviewing the complaints and positive feedback from patients. Also they can investigate the issues and if a staff person needs to be replaced then that is what will need to be done. This tool will help the Emergency Room become more efficient. With the complaints from the past year it looks like the Emergency Department needs a big overhaul and a lot of work to improve the quality of service. (Briscoe, 1998)

(2) Devise a strategic plan for overcoming the problems associated with the current Emergency Room. For starters one must step back and actually see the surrounding areas, departments and what is actually going on with the knowledge of the complaints. Observing first hand can give you the exact idea and reasons why these complaints...
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