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By | November 2012
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Why I Will Say No to Drugs and Alcohol

When you take drugs and alcohol it's like putting yourself on a rollercoaster ride that ends on your death bed. Your mother and father could have paid your way to college, you could be going to a division 1 school for sports, you could even be in your first year of a professional sport, but once you take that one puff of marijuana or the one shot of Grey Goose, all of those privileges will be gone forever. That yellow brick road that you had is now black and hard to walk on. Although many high paid icons such as lil Wayne, Wiz Kahlifa, Birdman, Rick Ross, and many more promote drugs and alcohol it’s a really destructive message. It's not too late to get off of that rollercoaster of death and get back on that yellow brick road.

Drugs and alcohol don’t only affect you but it affects you and everyone around you. People would start to look down on you because of you bad decision, your parents would be disappointed because they know that you can do better than that, and they have high expectations for you and your life. Some of your closest friends will begin to become distant and then sooner or later they won't be there anymore. Once you start drugs that’s something that is very hard to get off of people won't trust you like they used to and no one will want anything to do with you.

A lot of teens will begin to use drugs and alcohol as an escape from family, school, or even life itself the reasons vary. Drugs and alcohol may feel good on the outside for that couple minutes while you're high or drunk but on the inside your slowly committing suicide and you don’t even know it. The more you drink or smoke the greater the damage is done to your body and your life. There are several different ways to deal with negative things or stress in your life such as counseling, pray and support groups just to name a few.

In conclusion drugs and alcohol should never be in the question at all. If you ever think...

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