Hrm590 Recruiting and Selecting

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Hr 590
Week Five: Recruiting and selection paper
Instructor: Danielle Camacho
JOB TITLE: Human Resource Administrative Assistant/ Receptionist JOB SUMMARY: The HR Administrative Assistant/ Receptionist is an entry level position that performs a variety of different administrative tasks in a high profile environment.  This position is assigned to the HR front desk for receptionist coverage along with greeting guests and other internal personnel with excellent service in person or telephonically. Ultimately, HR Administrative Receptionist supports not only the HR Directors goals but the company goals as well by focusing on HR office accountability, customer service and work efficiency. KEY RESPONSIBILITIES: Type, file, answer phones, scheduling, dictation, and data entry. QUALIFIERS: Type 50 words per minute, knowledge of computer skills, ability to read and interpret documents, knowledge of English language and effective oral and written communication skills. CONTACT INFORMATION: Send cover letter, resume and completed application to: 18205 NW Chemeketa Lane

Portland, OR 97229
*Position open until filled
Job ad:
Recruitment Plan:
I plan on recruiting for this position for 30 days. If after 30 days I do not find a suitable candidate, then this position will remain open until I fill it. The two places that I will start to do my recruiting are the company website and employee referrals. First, I would like to see if there are any internal candidates that are interested in the position from the company website. Also, with an employee referral, I will offer a monetary incentive if I hire that referral and they stay for six months to a year. Since this is an entry level position, the next place I will do my recruiting is a college website. This job does require a degree, so I would like qualified applicants. Also, I will check to see if the college has an alumni section that I can post the job since some colleges offer lifetime career placement services. The next place I will recruit is by posting an ad in the classified section of my local newspaper. This job doesn’t require any travel, nor will I be paying for traveling expenses, so someone local is a good idea. The hours of the position are 9am to 5pm, and that could be right during traffic time for commuters. I would want someone who lives fairly close so I could guarantee they will be more punctual than not, especially during the winter months of Oregon. Lastly, I will recruit on commercial job boards such as, CareerBuilder, etc. While their massive reach will bring me quantities of resumes probably from unqualified candidates, there is the occasional “diamond in the rough”. Even though chances are I will receive plenty of resumes who aren’t fit for that job in particular, I could have a pool of resumes at my disposal so that I am not under pressure to find a candidate for a different position that opens up. Whatever recruiting process I use, I will make sure to make it readily available for potential candidates to apply for the job. Lots of people do their recruiting at night because they are working during the day, so a 24/7 job hotline would be a good thing. I don’t want prospective candidates to get frustrated because they can’t send their resume to me and not apply (because it isn’t user-friendly and they have no one to call and ask) causing me to potentially lose out on some qualified people. Selection Method:

Experience and degrees are great ways of measuring an employees’ potential and qualifications for the job that I just recruited for, but now I need to select the right candidate who will fit into my companies “family”. We select our significant other with great care and often have checklists of strengths that we look for and “deal breakers” of things we won’t put up with. In order to get to know our significant other we go on multiple dates and see their character and attributes in many different scenarios that life presents. Everyone puts...
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