Hrm590 Final Paper

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Final Project: Process and Compensation
HRM 590: Human Resources Management
The process from job analysis through compensation is the core of human resources. Companies gain a competitive advantage in more than one way, and how effective and productive their personnel are is one of those ways. Human resource personnel are in place to create a strategic system to garner the most use out of company employees. Their work is never done because employees, no matter how good retention efforts have been, will always come and go. It’s therefore an integral part of any human resource personnel’s job to utilize the established and new practices, theories, tools, and methods to ensure employees at all levels are contributing to the company’s competitive advantage. As seen in the performance review of the human resource receptionist lack of productivity can have a great effect on other personnel’s work. As a result some of the process will have to be adjusted to make sure that it does not happen again. JOB ANALYSIS

A job analysis was conducted for the human resource receptionist position in order to define the position and determine what key functions and tasks would be performed in this particular capacity. Job analysis is a crucial part of the staffing process and an invaluable tool for human resource managers. By breaking down positions into parts a precise picture of what type of skill set and experience is needed in an employee. In essence job analysis, regardless of the method you choose to utilize, is an information-gathering method (Oswald, 2003, p. 3). The information is then used for a number of other human resource functions such as: selection, performance appraisal, training and development, job evaluation, career planning, work redesign, and human resource planning (Noe, 2010, p. 169). The job analysis initially conducted for this position would remain as is if it were needed again to replace Cathy. The areas in which Cathy has not met expectations were clearly stated as key responsibilities in the job analysis. The one exception to this is time management. Though prioritizing duties and tasks were mention in the job description no direct emphasis was given to time management skills. Without intentionally doing so, the observation method of job analysis has been conducted through Cathy’s performance review. Before the position next becomes vacant the human resources team can utilize their observation of Cathy to update and better define the job description. RECRUITMENT

Recruitment and selection is probably the most well known part of the staffing process. Most everyone has applied to a job advertisement and interviewed for a position at some point. With the increasing ubiquity of the Internet most jobs, particularly low skill level jobs such as human resources receptionist, are advertised on employment sites like and Human resource managers embracing new technology are utilizing social media sites like Twitter and Facebook (Colao, 2012, pg. 50). Internet recruitment is so appealing to human resource departments simply because it reaches a much larger audience than traditional recruitment methods and it’s cost efficient.

The human resource receptionist position is a lower skill level job and there is only one position in the company, therefore a limited budget was allotted for recruitment. In this case, advertising on the Internet was successful and the most logical method of recruitment for the skill set that was being sought out. No change would be made if and when the human resources department will need to recruit for the position again. SELECTION

The selection process is probably the most uncertain and tedious portion of the staffing process. Not only is it important to find the right person who can complete the tasks assigned it’s important to find the right person for the organization and employees. Each employee has a ripple effect that influences the immediate job,...
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