Hrm590: Compensation Decisions

Topics: Writing, Recruitment, Critical thinking Pages: 5 (1365 words) Published: February 23, 2013
Course Project: Recruiting, Hiring, Evaluating, and Compensating

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Objective| |
The final project is an accumulation of information from the first seven weeks of this course, which you begin compiling in your Written Assignments 1 and 2 (see details below). Your final paper will be based on these assignments, instructor feedback provided, into a final product that you would deliver and review with your HRM leadership team and employee(s). I encourage you to read all the assignments to understand the process expectations. Your role is an HR manager in creating these assignments.

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Grading Rubrics| |

Written Assignment #1: Job Analysis – Due Week 3
Purpose: To create a new job description for a new position in the human resource department. This will require conducting a job analysis and then writing a job description. The job will provide administrative support to a 10-employee HR office. The incumbent will act as the department receptionist. Some duties include maintaining personnel files, performing administrative functions for the office personnel, assisting the public and employees with personnel questions, following company policy when dispensing information, reviewing and processing forms for personnel changes, monitoring staff time and payroll items, handling the HR director’s calendar, handling office mail, filing, typing as requested, answering phones, and other duties as assigned.

Category| Criteria| Points|
Task Statements| Complete the Task Statement template posted in Doc Sharing. Be sure the task statements are specific, time determined, and measurable. The task statements are single task items. You do not want multiple tasks within one task statement because that will make it difficult to identify the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) and to measure later for performance evaluation.| 25| KSA Statements| Complete the KSA Statement template posted in Doc Sharing. You will take each Task Statement and identify the KSA needed for each task. This helps determine the job level and required job skills.| 25| Job Description| From the Task and KSA Statement templates, write a viable job description with the following sections: * Job Summary * Essential Job Functions * Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities * Education, Experience, Certifications, and Licenses * Environmental Factors and Conditions/Physical Requirements * Equipment and Tools Utilized| 25| Literature Review| Find three scholarly articles that validate your job analysis process. Provide a summary of your articles in a 2–3 page paper following proper writing style and formatting as described in the Best Practices section below. Be sure to properly cite and reference your sources. There should be no copied material in any section of this assignment.| 40| Paper Mechanics| Follow Guidelines and Best Practices sections below.| 10| Deliverables| Submit the following: 1. Completed Task Statement template (25 points) 2. Completed KSA Statement template (25 points) 3. Job description (25 points) 4. Scholarly article review (40 points)Readability (10 points)| Total Points: 125|

Written Assignment #2: Recruiting/Selection – Due Week 5
Purpose: To outline a recruitment plan to fill the new job. Now that you have a job created, you need to find someone to fill that job. Once you’ve create your pool of candidates, you then need to determine how you will select the best candidate. Then, after your candidate has been on the job for a year, a performance evaluation is required.

Category| Criteria| Points|
Recruitment Plan| Write a job ad for your job opening. Provide a recruitment plan that includes where you plan to recruit and why, along with how long you plan to recruit. You must thoroughly explain your decisions for this recruitment plan.| 25| Selection Method| Describe the selection method(s) you would use to hire the best candidate. You must...
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