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What is E-Recruitment?3
History of E-recruitment4
Why e-recruit5
The effect on E-recruitment due to economic slump6
Traditional Process of Recruitment7
John Lewis & Sainsbury’s8
Overall Impression & Easy of Navigation8
Image Portrayed & Values Presented8
Recruitment Portal9


The turn of the century has brought about a lot of changes in the way business is done and how new members are introduced into an organization. Through the various technological advances, it has allowed HR (Human Resource) departments to behave much more strategically. Hence liberating them from the constraints of day to day obligations, allowing them to question and develop the selection methods that were used up until a few years ago. Recruitment and technology has grown in leaps and bounds, with E-Recruitment becoming a strategic tool for everyone concerned with recruitment and Human Resource Management.

What is E-Recruitment?

It can be defined as the implementation of technology that aids in the recruitment of new employees and also makes people aware about new openings and vacancies in a particular organization.
E-Recruitment gives the employer instant access to a large pool of applicants. It also shortens the time frame required to advertise a post and the waiting period for response from the applicants. Cost is one major factor that has led numerous organizations to implement E-Recruitment. The cost of recruitment (advertising, paperwork, etc) also reduces significantly when done through the virtual world. Also when a potential employee applies for a position online, there’s a step by step (filter) procedure which cuts off all the applications that doesn’t meet the job criteria.

There are negative factors associated with E-Recruitment as well. Firstly, all employees dealing with recruitment will need to have additional training. Secondly, the cost of maintaining the web portal can be expensive at times. Another point is that unless a person accesses an organization’s job vacancy web page, they would not be aware of any vacancy in that organization. This means that only a limited number of people would be conscious about a particular job vacancy and this particular vacancy might be filled up by a person with lesser qualifications than someone else.

History of E-recruitment

One of the first guru's to study the recruitment process was F.W. Taylor. He observed some of the vital flaws in the recruitment process at the time which still can be observed in modern business especially here in Dubai. He saw that employees were taken in through who they knew or simply who was first in the Que. He deduced that the link between what HR role is in this area, attracting and retaining the “right” people into the there respective “right” places, the people should be selected on their particular abilities, their skills should be tested before so as to quantify their ability to perform in the role they are looking to take on. This is essentially what modern recruitment is based around. Modern recruitment can be seen as a jigsaw puzzle where the organisation are trying to find the person or persons who best fit the job. The idea of online recruiting can be seen to stem from the work done by Cisco Inc. Cisco set up an opportunities page where they advertise all vacancies. Later they added the function of tailored searches and allowing applicants to submit through email. The site received approximately 64,000 hits in 1996 proving its potential but it still wasn't clear if it was due to nature of the company being so closely aligned to the internet. Now according to Fortune 500 the percentage of firms recruiting on the internet jumped...
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