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Topics: Scientific method, Organization, Research Pages: 2 (420 words) Published: March 20, 2013
Existing Theories and Research on Relationships
between HRM and Organizational Outcomes
Understanding tbe relationsbip between HRM
and organizational outcomes is one of tbe longstanding
goals of macro HRM research. Indeed,
Becker and Huselid (1998) considered this relationship
as one of the essential pursuits of strategic
HRM research. This stream of research has several
key components. First, organizational outcomes are
viewed as multidimensional. Drawing on Dyer and
Reeves's (1995) work, researchers in strategic HRM
have categorized organizational outcomes into
three primary groups related to HRM: HR outcomes,
operational outcomes, and financial outcomes.
HR outcomes refer to those most directly
related to HRM in an organization, such as employee
skills and abilities, employee attitudes and
behaviors, and turnover. Operational outcomes are
those related to the goals of an organizational operation,
including productivity, product quality,
quality of service, and innovation. Financial outcomes
reflect the fulfillment of the economic goals
of organizations. Typical financial outcomes include
sales growth, return on invested capital, and
return on assets. In this study, we use "organizational
outcomes" to refer to all three categories of
outcomes at the organizational level.
Second, strategic HRM research suggests that different
types of outcomes may not necessarily have
equivalent relationships with HR practices (Becker
& Huselid, 1998; Delery & Shaw, 2001; Guest, 1997;
Lepak, Liao, Chung, & Harden, 2006; Ostroff & Bowen, 2000). Moreover, it is commonly asserted that
HRM may influence the three types of organizational
outcomes in sequence. For example, HR
practices are expected to first influence HR outcomes
(e.g., employee skills and motivation),
which are proximal and the least likely to be contaminated
by factors beyond HR practices. HR outcomes,
in turn, may mediate...
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