Hrm, the Difference Between Hrm and Personel Management

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1-The difference between human resource management and personnel management. Human resource management and personnel management are a little bit the same. Personnel management is one of the parts of human resource management. Human resource management examines or looks after the wide abstract principle of human resource. It deals with organizational management, personnel administration, industrial management, manpower management, personnel training and development, and organizational development whereas personnel management is responsible for recruiting job description, selection, even work of employees. Human resource management manages a workforce as one of the first resources that help an organization to be successful. On the other hand personnel management deals with pay roll, employment law and also responsible for handling related tasks. Personnel management may involve administrative rules which are both routine and traditional. It is described as reactive; give an answer to what it is presented meanwhile human resource management has the strategies to develop and manage a company’s workforce. Human resource management is proactive or cause changes which include development of activities and policies for the improvement of an organization’s workforce. Personnel management is responsible to the organization’s personal department and its function is independent of a firm. On the other hand is an integral part of overall company function. The difference between personnel management and human resource management can also be given as follows: Personnel management

Its nature of relations is pluralist, its perception of conflict is institutionalized, its contract emphasis on compliance, its roles of procedures are dominated, its planning perspective is reactive, acceptability of unions is acceptable, level of trust is low, key relation is labour management’s role transaction, basis of job design is division of labour, key people are...
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