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  • Published: December 6, 2012
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Topic: Is human resource planning (HRP) critical to human resource strategy?

Human resource is a special resource that is unlike other resources in organizations, such as finance, every company has a short-term financial strategy and long-term strategy per year. For a company, Human resource management should be in line with business strategy, a human resource strategy can support the goal of a business, however, the strategic of human resource can be ignored seemingly or be involved in business, because there is not all organizations which have a written human resource strategy, the Cranet Survey of International Strategic HR found that 39 per cent of UK companies do not have it. (Guthridge and Lawson 2008) For some companies with human resource strategy, the relationship of human resource strategy and human resource planning would be considered. They have the different contributions to the organization. Henry Mintzberg (1994:108) mentioned the different, strategy thinking is about synthesis, intuition and creativity to produce a not too precisely articulated vision of direction, for planning, it is about collecting the relevant information to stimulate the visioning process and also programming the vision into what needs to be done to get there. There is a controversial topic if human resource planning is crucial to human resource strategy.

There are many questions that would be asked, for examples, how the HR Planning and HR strategy can be defined, what their relationship is and how important the HR planning is important for HR strategy. All of the questions will be distinguished as following. HR planning focus on the demand and supply of labour, the whole people are involved into the organization, developing their skills and the exit of people from

the company. When HR planning is effective, it is critical to the organization’ s success because it matches the organization and its HR objectives with its people requirements. The purpose of HR planning...
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