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  • Published : January 14, 2013
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general intro to case study page 69

Starbucks Case Study Questions

How is Jet blue performing? =CLEM

- Competitor analysis: competitor strategy (goals, values, p.220 – 224 (sources of competitive advantage) (porters generic strategies) , ( compare market capitalisation - financial indicators, market capitalisation of jet blue and competitors if given in case: ROE, ROI, ROA, gross profit margin - P.46 profitability ratio

- P.53 score card
- P.47 rsiagrgating return on capital employed
- P.88 indentifying key success factors

What are the sources of Starbucks’ evolution? declining / growing performance? How far are Starbucks’ problems in February 2009 the inevitable consequences of the economic recession and to what extent are there other reasons for Starbuck’s declining performance? (Anna)

- Home market ….international too many probs
- P.9 – 10 case
- Consequences of economic recession: oil price: terrorist attack sept 11 marketing approach - SWOT
- Pestel analysis

What is Schultz’s strategy for restoring Starbucks’ financial performance? (CLEM) - basic info from case
- effective implementation p.10
- resource based view: p.155

Do you agree with the measures that Schultz is taking? What should Schultz be doing differently?(Ines)

- great strategy: cost leadership, good marketing approach, intangible resources, - resources and capabilities
- p.224 porters generic strategy
- value chain p.133
- VRIN ( residual efficiency

US Airline industry case questions

1. Assess the...
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