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Topics: Interview, Personality psychology Pages: 2 (748 words) Published: April 18, 2008
Three selections tools that would be considered when looking to hire personnel for a supermarket are, completing an application, holding an interview and providing references. The reasons for choosing these three selections are to come. By being able to complete an application, that shows a lot about the person looking for a position. It shows that they are able to read and understand English, and that they are able to work through problems. The interview part of this process is very important. Conducting an interview allows you to meet the candidate and decide what that individual is like. During the interview you can ask questions about what is in the application and see how the individual presents himself or herself. Lastly by collecting references you are able to ensure that the impression you made reflects how others perceive them to be. Working in a supermarket is not bran surgery, but you want to make sure that the individual has basic skills that will adapt to the environment.

I feel that all of the above selection tools are the best to use when hiring an individual for a supermarket. The advantages of the above are getting to meet the person face to face. I would use some of the same selection methods for the position in my final project but I would add a few steps such as personality tests, typing tests and other computer application tests. The reason I would add the testing process would be to ensure that the person truly has those skills that I was looking for.

Interview questions for Administrative assistant.
oTell us about yourself.
oWhat is your short/long term work objective?
oWhere would you like to be in 5 years?
oWhy should we consider you rather then someone else for the position? oWhat is your greatest weakness/strength?
oWhy did you leave your last position?
oWhat did you think of your last boss?
oWhat interests you about the position?
oCan you work under pressure?
oHow would you describe your...
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