Hrm Role in Scb

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Chapter-1: Introduction

1.1 Statement of the Research Problem Organizations that seek to gain competitive advantage must be able to manage the behavior and results of all employees. By carefully observing the shortcomings through periodic appraisal and assessments the organization may become able to arrange for the required training or development needs of the employees, which in turn would give it an edge over its competitors. Effective human resource practices relate to company performance by contributing to employee and customer satisfaction, innovation, productivity, and development of a favorable reputation of the firm in the industry. Many firm & organization are working in Bangladesh.Subsidiary.are located not only the Bangladesh but also located others part of the world. But the things are trying to find that most of the firm’s the human resource policy are not same in all subsidiaries. These organizations are using the polycentric approach in their human resource policy. They treat each subsidiary as distinct national entity with some decision-making autonomy. Subsidiaries are usually managed by local nationals (HCN) who are promoted to positions at headquarters. Likewise PCN are rarely transferred to foreign subsidiary operations. The ultimate purpose of this report is to evaluate “Dimension of HRM in Banking Sector Special References To Standard Chartered Bank” the level of the human resource practice of the banking sector of Bangladesh. The banking sector of Bangladesh is selected because banks represent a significant and influential sector of business worldwide. Banks have own human resource policy that is regulated by Bangladesh bank. Foreign bank like Standard Chartered Bank have some similarities and also some dissimilarities comparative to others. With nearly 150 years in emerging markets, the standard Chartered bank has unmatched knowledge and understanding of its employees and customer They are trying to coordinate the country’s own human resource policy as well as the headquarter policy. The study also carried out is focused on the HR policies and practices at Standard Chartered Bank. Standard Chartered recognizes the fact that its responsibility lies to its staff and to the communities in which it operates.. The structure of the Bank provides scope for the flexible deployment of people and to promote equity, job satisfaction, motivation and commitment to goals; as well as providing access to career development. Both the employees and the management try to meet the common objectives. They coordinate their activities to ensure that they are heading towards achieving the established goals and meeting the set targets within the specified time frame.

2. Scope and objectives of Study
1.2.1 Scope of Study:
As we know services are a growing industry of Bangladesh and many firms are striving to deliver value added services to the customers. In this regard banks are continuously focusing towards improving their services similar is the case with Standard Chartered Bank. This Bank has evolved tremendously during the last couple of years and now has become one of the leading banks in Bangladesh. Keeping this in view the study has been undertaken to identify the strategies and plans of the Bank and to identify the methods adopted by the Bank to train and motivate their people and work force. 1.2.1         Objectives of the Study:

The report has been undertaken to assess the Strategic Human Resource Management practices of Standard Chartered Bank with the prime focus at formulation of strategies and tactics and how it contributes in implementing the strategies. 3. Limitation of the Study

The basic limitations faced in preparing this report on dimension of HRM role SCB which are given below- • Being multinational company, in competitive...
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