Hrm Role in Recession

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HRM Role in Recession
The recession is healthy, from time to time. The recession helps to stop the businesses, which are not bringing value added and the human capital is transferred to more vital businesses at lower costs. In the companies, which survive the recession, the HRM Role is very important. The recession is very dangerous for the companies. During the times, when the business grows dramatically, the HRM Function introduces different policies, which are focused on spending money. The company was able to carry all the costs and the employees started to take the policies as the standard. In time of the recession, the HRM Role is to make cost cuts and the HRM Function has to provide the list of the policies and the procedures to be cancelled or discontinued. The employees do not like it, but the company has to return to the healthy basis for the future growth. The HRM Function has to be able to identify the top potential in the organization quickly as the company needs to make the cuts in the human capital of the organization. The HRM Function needs to provide the tools to managers to inform their key employees about the security, the company wants to offer to key employees. The HRM Function is not a department to make employees happy, the role of HRM Function is also about the cuts in the costs of the organization and the HRM Function’s role is about minimizing the damages to the organization. The recession can be a very interesting period for the HRM Function. The HRM Professionals can design, develop and implement a lot of new HRM Processes in the recession, which are simple and really efficient. But they need to have a clear vision of the HRM behavior in the recession to be really successful. The HRM Management has to define the HRM Vision for the Recession. The employees in Human Resources have to understand the goals for the difficult period of the recession. Many activities in the organization can be cancelled, but the HRM Employees have to understand the reasons. The HRM Vision for the Recession is needed for the employees of the HRM Function as they should serve the organization as the change agents. Many procedures, policies and processes can be cancelled during the recession or they can be strongly changed and the HRM Employees have to be able to explain the reasons for the change or cancellation of the policies. The HRM Management has to push the top management to define the vision of the organization for the recession as the roles in the organization can be clearly defined. The top management has to set the vision for the strategic initiatives as the whole organization can share the same goals. It is very painful for the top management to define such goals, but the employees and managers can support the painful way to prosperity, when they believe and trust their leaders. The HRM Function can serve as the navigator and facilitator for employees, but the HRM Vision for the recession has to be defined and clearly communicated and explained to HRM employees. The HRM Management has to communicate the full story as the HRM Employees have usually access to confidential information and they can build a good picture of the organization’s health very quickly. The HRM Vision for the Recession should be about the trust and honesty. The HRM Employees have to understand the need to make changes and to make the cuts in the procedures they introduced and run for the organization. The HRM Management has to be proud to announce the cutting of job positions in the HRM Function and to explain the reasons for selecting the employees to be fired. The HRM Vision for the Recession can play a significant role in the success of the HRM Function in the recession. The HRM Management Team has to set it as a priority and the vision has to be transformed into actions quickly.

Main HR Recession Initiatives

The HR Function has to conduct several HR Recession Initiatives as soon as the recession is recognized in the organization....
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