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  • Published : February 20, 2012
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Guidelines To Answering BUSM 3201 Exam Questions

1. HR planning, with respect to Singapore [Singapore context]

What are the issues confronting Singapore?

▪ PESTEL [political, economic, socio-cultural, technological, environmental, legislation] o External scan of the environment

▪ SWOT [strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats] o Internal scan of the environment

Explain five environmental influences on effective HR planning? How have these environmental factors influence the way human resources are planned?

Shorter economic cycle

▪ Shorter economic cycles [prosper, recession, prosper, recession with shorter intervals] are here to stay ▪ Example: SIA competition from budget airlines such as AirAsia forces it to start their own budget carrier service recently ▪ Example: Oil price increased from US$42 a barrel in May/Jun 2004 and reached max of US$77 18 months later o How does HR respond to this?

o Look for alternatives that can cope with new resources and cheaper ways to cut operational costs o Employ people with new competencies in e.g. CNG, hybrids ▪ Example: Raised fuel surcharges in Aug & Nov 04 because of oil price increase ▪ Example: Outsourced jobs: IT and Accounting staff retrenched in Sep 04

Strategic Changes – e.g Mediacorp & Mediaworks merger

▪ Staff Rationalization
o People may be redeployed, retrenched, retrained ▪ Skills sets
▪ Performance
o Decide on what kind of system to adopt
o Most probably MediaCorp as it is more dominant ▪ Job Titles & Management Structures
▪ Job Scope and Functions
▪ Review employment contract terms
▪ Review work environment planning

Technological Changes

▪ More powerful software, gadgets and computers
o Google Amazon is going to be launched soon and it has better features than the iPad...