Hrm Process of Pepsi

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Human Resources
Pepsi is a manufacturing concern company. It is one of the leading multinational dealing in food and beverage industry. It has 157000 employees working with them and generating total revenues approximately over $32 billion in 2005.To remain a successful, the proper human resource planning is very necessary and Pepsi human resource department is trying it best to do this. Now we see Pepsi is at what extent successful in their Human Resource Management. Human Resource Planning In Pepsi

For human resource planning the strategic goals and objectives are the key activities. Same is the case in the Pepsi. With the start of the season the goals and objectives are set. The goals of the organization are Ø To meet customer demand by providing quality products.

Ø To remain market leader and improve its brand quality.
Ø To provide good services to customers, employees, communities, and the environment. All these objectives are set to achieve the profit maximization and a greater market share for the firm. And on the basis of these goals each department sets its own goals. Each departmental head is responsible to meet those goals and objectives and further subdivide into his department and then yearly goals are divided into months. Each departmental manager’s target is to meet these goals in each month. After each month they evaluate that whether they have met or not and if they are unable to meet those goals then they take necessary actions to cover them in the future. For example the goals of the production department are to produce right number of product items with standard quality, minimizing the cost of desired production and to provide the final product to the next department on time. Human Resource Planning Process in Pepsi

In Pepsi managerial estimates are used to determine the total future need of Human Resources in the organization. Than human resource department take actions to fulfill these needs. The employees hired both on permanent...
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