Hrm Practices in Ific Bank

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01. Introduction
01.1. Origin of the Report

This internship report has been prepared as a partial fulfillment of my BBA degree in The University of Asia pacific. I was attached with IFIC bank Limited for three months for practical experience and exposure to the real life scenario.


Purpose of the Report

This report aims to analyze the training and development practice in context of human resource management and other human resource practices of IFIC bank limited and identify bottlenecks and make some recommendations to remove those bottlenecks.


Objectives of the Report

The University of Asia Pacific requires each BBA graduate to be attached with an organization and submit a report on a particular topic. So, fulfillment of the BBA program was the main objective of this study. Other than degree requirement I have following objectives: To know about the training and development policy of IFIC Bank To examine the current training and development program of IFIC bank To evaluate the employee performance of IFIC Bank after getting training To measure the attitude of employee towards training To highlight the system used in evaluating of effectiveness of training To evaluate the state of affairs of IFIC Bank Limited To assess strengths and weaknesses of IFIC Bank Limited To identify possible areas of improvement To make preliminary recommendations for improvement and/ or further study in the areas identified ________________________________________________________________________ An Over view of Training and Development Programs of IFIC Bank Limited



Methodology of the Report

01.4.1. Research Methodology: This research required both qualitative and quantitative research.

01.4.2.Source of Information
I have collected primary information through interviewing employees from IFIC Bank Limited and expert from the industry. Alongside, I have noted reaction and responses of peoples working in IFIC Bank Limited. I also have elaborated different types of secondary data in my research from various external sources. Among the sources that I have used were; Internet, web site of IFIC Bank Limited and their competitor organizations, newspaper and different books and periodicals related to the subject matter.

01.4.3.Data Collection Instruments In-depth Interview: Primary data was being collected through interviewing key personnel in the IFIC Bank Limited.

Focus Group: A focus group of 10 peoples was formed to get insights to the human resources practices of IFIC Bank Limited. Their responses were recorded and sought suggestions to improve human resources performance of IFIC Bank Limited.

Observation: In the process of working in the office, I observed the human resources practices from various angels.


Limitations of the Study

Time frame for the research was very limited. The actual study was done within three months. Hence quantitative research was not possible within this short period of time. Large-scale research was not possible due to political instability, monetary constraints and transportation inconvenience. Information scarcity was also a problem for conducting a full length research Part of industry characteristics was written from individual‟s perception and may vary from person to person. ________________________________________________________________________ An Over view of Training and Development Programs of IFIC Bank Limited


02. Background of the Study
Profit is an outcome of managing and developing people well. People and their development enable profit. Enable people and we enable profit. Organizations which approach training and development from this standpoint inevitably foster people who perform well and progress, and, importantly, stay around for long enough to become great at what they do, and to help others become so. Training is a very commonly used word, but learning is in many ways a better way to think of the subject,...
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