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Best Human Resource Management Practices: Prescriptions in Panchatantra Dr C Chendroyaperumal Director National Institute of Management Studies Chennai 600096 Key words: HRM Practices – Panchatantra Abstract Human Resource Management has come into prominence only recently and its strategic importance recognized only very recently. The literature on human resource management is based largely on the western thought. The contributions to human resource management practices from India are rich and very effective but long remained ignored by the scholars. For instance, Lord Buddha and recently Mahatma Gandhiji have all proved the effectiveness of Indian human resource practices to the utter disbelief of the rest of the world. The aim of this paper is to highlight some of the human resource management principles prescribed in Panchatantra (one of the ancient Indian works on management using the case method, a method to be discovered by the West only 5000 years later!) related to employee qualities and work, leadership, motivation, employee turnover and retention, research and development personnel, conflicts, and employee care. It will of great interest to both scholars and practicing human resource managers to note that the human resource management principles found in Panchatantra are not only easily practicable but also look as if they were written for today! Practicing these HRM principles would result in better management and utilization of human resource and thus would enhance the efficiency and performance of the whole organization. I Human Element

It is only the mankind that develops systems, methods and instruments of various types, to meet their needs to subsist such as firms, modern corporations, etc. The basic method is to apply the concept of division of labor to various levels to maximize production by minimizing time. Grouping of this division of labor is known as ‘functional areas’ in the modern parlance. Thus in all areas of human activities the role of human element has always been crucial, though it has been given prominence only recently in 19th C and its strategic importance more recently. However Indian scholars have recognized the crucial human element ages ago. For instance, in Mahabharata, from the two options of either Lord Krishna’a army or Lord Krishna, Duriyodhan choose the services of Lord Krishna’s army whereas the Yudhistar opted for the human element by choosing the services of Lord Krishna, the army’s leader, and the final victory sided the Pandavas with significant contributions by Lord Krishna. Indian scholars view a human being as a three-in-one entity namely body, mind and soul whereas the Western thought views a human being as ‘body’ only. Thus the western theories and methods are focused on managing the ‘body’ whereas the Indian scholars treat the body as an instrument of the mind and is energized by the

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soul. Thus they go to the extent of viewing the behavior of body as the behavior of mind. There exist Indian literature rich in principles and methods related to human resource management. This paper presents some of these principles from Panchatantra that are very promising for enhancing the performance of the organization through better human resource management . II Human Resource Management Principles from Panchatantra Panchatantra presents the principles of HRM in brief with a punch in the form of verses. This paper gives the HRM principles followed by the verse containing this idea. An attempt is made here to highlight the following aspects: employee qualities and work, leadership, motivation, employee turnover and retention, research and development personnel, conflicts, and employee care. 1. Administrative skill power brings prosperity: Happy and prosperous living is possible only through bravery (risk taking), learning and bureaucratic skill power...
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