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Question 1.
Discuss how Netcare endeavours to this strategic position through their various HRM practices. Netcare Limited operates the largest private hospital, primary care and emergency medical services network in South Africa. It has got 55 hospitals which can accommodate 8874 patients and it has spread its wings in United Kingdom. Netcare has set its objectives as roadmap to guide all operations in the business “Netcare‘s objective is to provide patience with outstanding care, superb service and the best possible clinical outcomes.” In order for the organization to implement its strategic human resource management successful in the health sector, the organization has sought to lessen the healthcare industry’s skills shortage through the provision of training and Netcare has become the largest providers of medical skills in South Africa. Netcare is providing training that promotes organisation transformation process to become the largest health service provider in South Africa. Netcare adopted a culture of continuous improvement approach which requires employees to understand to entire work system, to acquire new skills and knowledge and apply them to get their jobs done and share the information with other employees (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart and Wright,2010:273) It’s embarked upon to introduce the new paradigm shift whereby employees within the organisation were consulted through process and strategic human resources management facilitated a process which helps the employees to get their jobs done efficiently and achieve the organisation goals. Management techniques must track the business environment continuously, to assess change and adapt. However, continuous learning approach addresses business needs related to learning, behaviour change and performance improvement of the organisation. The following initiatives were introduced such as intrapersonal development, all staff including management – are required to wear name badges. Managers are leading by example hence this foster the spirit of team work and work to achieve the organisational goals. As the company endeavours to its strategic position, it restructured its head office which has helped to foster on caring and efficient culture in order for it to achieve its organisational goals and to remain the market leader in the health sector. Netcare has got a policy of recognition of high performers as a way to boost performance towards the set objectives of the organisation. ’Patient feedback forms were to provide positive feedback for individual staffers, and the results were useful in identifying, recognising and rewarding the Carer of the Month.’’ Latham & Mann (2006: unknown page) stated that by providing employees with feedback from other sources, even if only used for developmental purposes can improve their job performance. And it is imperative that organisation actually place value on the customer ratings because it will help the organisation to achieve its objective. (Latham & Mann, 2006: unknown page). The HRM literature also states that a measure of job performance should be valid, reliable, practical and free from bias (Thorndike, 1949: Unknown page). Netcare has got training and development centers that offer developmental programs including 5 nursing campus and 4 schools for paramedics. It has trained nearly 3000 people and equips them with broader nursing skills in order for them to execute their jobs efficiently and effectively whilst at same time it enables them to meet the organisational goals. Noe et al (2010: 273) noted that Training is being used to help to attain strategic business objectives which help companies to gain a competitive advantage.” Netcare offered training at the middle management and supervisory levels, and department heads to build capacity towards achievement of organisational goals. The high standard of training has made it easier for Netcare to fulfil about 50% of all posts with internal staff. Having a pool of...
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