Hrm Practice in Bangladesh Industries

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hrm practice in bangladesh industries

Topics: HR practices in our organization

EMBA Program for Engineers

Human Resource Management

Batch – 11th, 2nd Semester

Introduction: The role of Human Resources is changing as fast as technology and the global marketplace. Historically, the HR Department was viewed as administrative overhead. HR handled benefits administration, kept personnel files, and other records, managed the hiring process, and provided other administrative support to the business. Those times have changed. The positive result of these changes is that HR professionals have the opportunity to play a more strategic role in the business. The challenge for HR managers is to keep up to date with the latest HR innovations - technological, legal, and otherwise. There is a need to know about the current HR challenges, and how to most-effectively manage them in our workplace. This report discusses some best HR practices in our company in specific function.

Any practice that we devise to increase the competence, commitment and improve the culture can be termed as HR Practice, and this can be in the form of a norm, rule, system, or some practices.

Human Resource Practices in our Company Influencing Factors:

The "best practice" company has the most intense communications which are broad, continuous and involve multi-directional employee contact. Communications with employees is "a given", and is formal, focused and on-going responsibility. Communications are not done as an "extra". "Talk of the Week" where all the employers are asked to participate and give their word and opinion about their superiors helping to bridge the gap.

Continuous Improvement:
Our company is never satisfied. Our company focus not only getting it right but doing it better. It is intensely dependent on feedback from all sources as the prime basis of its continuous improvement philosophy. Risk Taking:

The best companies have leaders who possess courage to make the hard decisions and carry them out. Work Life Balance:
1. An initiative taken that every employee can walk out of the office at 6.00 p.m. helping them to balance both professional and personal life. 2. Yearly Star Performers awarded with packages like Dinner-with-Family at Five Star Hotels. 3. Spouses invited to give a pleasant surprise to employees on anniversary and birthday. Culture Consciousness:

1. On Company Day, employees are encouraged to interact with consumers and bring back new ideas. 2. Worm controversy overcomes through 'Delivering Smiles'.
3. Specific days like Traditional Day, etc., introduced.

Manpower planning:

Manpower planning enables HR department to project its short to long term needs on the basis of its departmental plans so that it can adjust its manpower requirements to meet changing priorities. The more changing the environment the department is in the more the department needs manpower planning to show:

- the member of recruits required in a specified time frame and the availability of talent.

- early indications of potential recruitment or retention difficulties.

- surpluses or deficiencies in certain ranks or grades

- availability of suitable qualified and experience successors.

Compensation and Benefits:

Designing and managing remuneration and staff benefit programs.

Career management:

Designing career pathways and other programs to maximize employee potential

Performance appraisal:

Performance appraisal assesses an individual’s performance against previously agreed work objectives. Performance appraisal is normally carried out once a year. We assess key result areas of our employees workers and supervisors. Since it is a joint responsibilities of the individual are co prime to each other. It also enables management to compare performance and...
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