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Hrm Planning

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Define Human resource planning

The concept of manpower planning in the organization is as old as the human culture itself. The concept of an improved and efficient manpower planning is by no means a new venture in the field of human activities. It’s applications have been studied by the various individuals since right from the era when the conception of management being scientific came acceptance. The definition of human resource planning are given below-

✓ According to William F Glueck,
“ Human resource planning is the process by which management attempts to provide adequate human resources to achieve organization objectives.”

✓ According to American Management association,
“Human resource planning is the process by which an organization ensures that it has the right number of people and the right kind of people at the right place, at the right time, doing things for which they are economically most useful.”

✓ According to Stioner,
“ Human resource planning refers to planning for the future personnel needs of an organization taking into account both internal activities and factors in the external environment.”

In conclusion we can say, human resource planning deals with calculations of manpower requirement in future considering various factors which generally affect the manpower planning such as internal and external economics, social and political pressures, organizations’ policy, availability and suitability of the manpower requirements etc.

Requirement of sound manpower planning

J.L. Gouden and R.W. Decgar in their book ‘personnel Management and Administration’ have suggested following requirement of a successful effective and sound manpower planning: ➢ The planning should be done in sufficiently advanced period. ➢...

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