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Human Resource Management & Marketing Techniques
in Strategic Planning

How to maintain Starbucks Coffee Company as the coffee expert in Hong Kong?

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Table of Contents

Title Page 1
Table of Contents 2

1. Executive Summary 3
2. Introduction and Background of the Study 3 2.1 Coffee house in Hong Kong 5 2.2 Starbucks Background Information 7

3. Objective of Study 9
4. Competitor Analysis 10 4.1 Product 11 4.2 Price 13 4.3 Place 13 4.4 Promotion 14

5. Swot Analysis 15 5.1 Strengths 15 5.2 Weaknesses 16 5.3 Opportunities 16 5.4 Threats 17

6. Implementation 18 6.1 Improvement Plan 18 6.2 Execution of the plan 20 7. Performance Target in the Future 21 8. Conclusion 26 Appendix 27 References 28

1. Executive Summary
Human resource management, although considered as a separate aspect of organizations, plays an important role in the achievement of strategic organizational goals. The efficient fulfilment of the basic functions of human resource management resulting in employee satisfaction may be linked to the marketing strategy of customer satisfaction. This is because customer satisfaction depends upon the initial satisfaction derived by employees from human resource practices of the company. Employee satisfaction translates to customer satisfaction translate to company growth. In the case of Starbucks in Hong Kong, it is the leading coffee business in the industry. Its closest competitors are Pacific Coffee and McCafe but it is also threatened by the entry of other international coffee businesses in Hong Kong. The company has to develop and...
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