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Employees are the most integral part of the firm. It is true that machineries are very important assets but human assets are more important than them. The personnel of a firm operate all the functions. No machineries are useful if there is no one to operate them. So, it is necessary to take care of the most important assets of the firm. Nowadays, every company is forming its own Human Resource Department for taking care of all the personnel related problems. Human resource or personnel department is established to maintain a co-ordination between the firm and its employees. H.R. department sees that the interest of the personnel as well as the firm is maintained.




The number of employees should be in consistence with the required employees. The surplus or deficiency of employees may form danger to the firm. The total employees are divided into 2 parts:
1. Permanent employees (122) skilled
2. Temporary employees (according to daily requirement) unskilled There are mainly the technical people in the organization. Managerial people are very less. JOB ANALYSIS AND JOB DESIGN
Job analysis
Job analysis is the process of collecting job related information. Such information helps in the preparation of the job description and job specification. Job analysis involves the following steps:

* Collecting and recording job information.
* Checking the job information for accuracy.
* Writing job description based on the information.
* Using the information to determine the skills, abilities and knowledge that are required on the job. * Updating the information from time to time.
In Hitachi, the information is collected by maintaining computerized record of each and every position. Job design
Job design involves conscious efforts to organize tasks, duties, and responsibilities into a unit of work to achieve certain objectives. Job design can be done by four methods:

* Job specification
* Job rotation
* Job enlargement
* Job enrichment
Hitachi prefers job specification for every job.
Job description is the organized and real prospectus of duties and responsibilities of any specific job. Job specification is a statement of the minimum acceptable human qualities necessary to perform job properly.

Combined job description and job specification
1. Position Manager - Manufacturing
Reports to D.G.M. - Manufacturing

* To release daily assembly shop plan with sequence to shortage status. * To complete production within given time frame and as per the production plan. * To produce the products within specified process control parameters. * To review daily production reports and provides feedback to D.G.M.-Manufacturing. * To ensure that the product has passed all the stages of inspection and testing by QA. * To identify the requirements of materials based on production planning, if any. * To evolve and implement cost effective measure through continuous monitoring of the strategic and tactical area. * To promote a synergistic work culture through optimal deployment of critical inputs which includes technical and management skill, human resources and infrastructural resources. * To ensure all products are manufactured as per the defined process control chart. * To identify cost effective measures for enhancing capacity utilization. * To review and monitor department quality objective on routine basis and to provide feedback to the DGM. * To ensure that adequate measuring facilities are available for process control checks are required by the process control chart...
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