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Human resource management is an aspect of organisational management concerned with the management of an organisations workforce. It deals with issues such as compensation, hiring/firing, performance/motivation and training and development. It is the management of people/staff in order for them to make contributions to the objectives of the organisation. “HRM is the body of management activities and used in this way HRM is really no more than a more modern and supposedly imposing name for what has long been labelled personnel management” (Torrington et al, 2009). The best way to describe HRM is to look at what it aims to achieve i.e. its four key objectives: 1) Staffing – includes recruiting staff, up-skilling of staff and training and development. 2) Performance – making sure staff are motivated, strong communication, rewards and feedback and taking disciplinary action when required. 3) Change management – efficiently managing change within an organisation which might entail keeping staff up to date through effective communication or dealing with changing business demands. 4) Administration – maintaining data on staff, records of training, attendance etc. and also deals with the financial aspects such as salaries and pensions. Article Summary

The article I chose was titled “BBC comes under fire after revealing 2,000 job cuts”. Available at: The article discusses downsizing and strike action. The BBC came under attack by trade unions stating that the proposed 2000 job cuts will lead to further damage to the company in the long run as the quality as well as the image of the company will be lowered. The article argues that the company simply could not be sustained if the job cuts went ahead. With the level of cuts being discussed quality is bound to be reduced which would inevitably lead to strike action states General Secretary of the...
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