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  • Published: April 13, 2013
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Introduction to
Human Resource Management


Student Study Guide

Introduction to the module

• Authors •
• N D’Annunzio Green & F Duncan • School of Management & Law • Edinburgh Napier University. •

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1: Welcome to Human Resource Management1

1. What is the module about?

2. Aim of the module

3. Studying a flexible learning module

4. Method of Learning and Teaching

5. Assessment

6. Study Time

2:Further Reading & Other Resources9

3:Overview of Topics11

4:Module Assessment Guidance15

1. Module assessment

2. Actual module assessments

3. Plagiarism

5:Integrative Case Study Assessment25

Welcome to Human Resource Management

Hello and welcome to the Introduction to Human Resource Management module.

This module will be delivered to you this trimester by Fiona Duncan, and we have developed this student study guide to help you study the module.

The objectives of this student guide are:

• to explain why it is important to study human resource management as part of your degree

• to give you an outline of the subject of human resource management

• to describe the nature of the material on which the workbook is based

• to outline the module which you will be following.

If you have any queries as you...
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