Hrm Lecture Notes for Pu, Mba 2nd Semester

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HRM Lecture Notes for PU, MBA 2nd Semester

Unit- 2 (Two)

Human Resource Planning
• Predetermining HR needs in terms of quality & quantity • Estimating the size & composition of future workforce • Due to the dynamic nature of environment – technological change, globalization, change in nature of job, OD, shortage & requirement of critical skills led to importance of HRP • HRP is the process of determining an organization’s HR needs - Decenzo &Robbins

Human Resource Information System
• HRIS is a device for providing skill inventory information • Computer based data system for systematically track most of the information about employee and jobs • Collect, analyze, store, retrieve & disseminate information about employees &job • Useful for storing employment, training and compensation information on each employee

Contents of HRIS
a) Personal data- name, address, dob, marital status
b) Skill data- qualification, training, special skills, capabalities, language spoken etc c) Position data- current position, duties, responsibilities, occupational history, jobs held in other organizations, work locations etc. d) Compensation data- current salary, salary history, bonus, overtime payments, deduction from salary, tax information,award received etc. e) Performance data- current & past performance appraisal data

Uses of HRIS
• Human resource inventory development
• Human resource forecast
• Human resource development
• Job analysis
• To make succession and replacement planning
• To determine current & probable productivity of employee • Establish link between corporate objectives & strategies, corporate planning & HR planning

Human Resource Inventory
• Skill inventory of HR currently employed in the organization • It includes – names,education, training, salary level, languages spoken, capabalities & specialized skills of all employees From HRP viewpoint,

• What skills are currently available in the organization • Can take advantage of opportunities to expand or alter the organization’s strategies • Useful in- training need assessment, promotion & transfer • To identify current or future threats to organizations ability to perform • Staff turnover rate, sickness & absenteeism rate,etc.

HRP Process
Assessing current human resources
- Human resource inventory, HRIS, Job analysis
2. Forecasting HR demand- external environmental forces, organizatinal objectives, business plan, succession plan, workforce factors such as:- work load norms, employee reallocation, seperation, turnover, contingent workforce - Management judgement, expert forecasts, statistical analysis may be used to forecast demand 3. Forecasting HR supply

- Internal sources forecasts: potential additions & losses to HR inventory, - External sources forecast- education & training institute, labour market etc 4. Matching demand and supply forecast- shortage & surplus

5. Preparation of action plan
- Recruitment action plan
- Development action plan
- Retention action plan
- Redeployment action plan
- Redundancy action plan
- Promotion & succession action plan

Unit: 3 (Three)
Job analysis:
The process of studying and collecting informations relating to the operations and responsibilities of a specific job. The immediate product of this analysis are job description and job specification. It analyze the content & characteristics of the job and requirements/ qualifications needed to perform those jobs.

Job description:
Job description is an organized, factual statement of the duties and responsibilities of a specific job. It should tell what is to be done, how it is done, and why. It is a standard of function. It defines the authorized content of the job. It...
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