Hrm: Job Involvement & Its Dimensions

Topics: Employment, Organizational studies and human resource management Pages: 4 (1359 words) Published: November 27, 2011
Job involvement can be defined as "psychological identification with one's work" as well as "the degree to which the job situation is central to the employee and his or her identity". As employees with a high degree of job involvement are more likely to regard work as the center of their self-concepts (Frone & Russell, 1995), they are also more likely to increase their self-respect through successful job performance (Burke, 1991) and display of organizational beneficial behaviors (Diefendorff, Brown, Kamin, & Lord, 2002). Brown (1996) opined that employees with high job involvement would have greater psychological identification with their work, which in turn would increase job satisfaction. Mowday, Porter, and Steers (1982) also pointed out that employees' psychological needs are gradually satisfied as the employees become involved with their jobs and that this satisfaction establishes a sense of organizational commitment. Researchers have revealed that employees with a high degree of job satisfaction or organizational commitment display a higher degree of Organizational Commitment Behavior (OCB) (Podsakoff et al., 2000). These studies suggest that job involvement has a positive influence on OCB. Task variety might mitigate employees' involvement in their jobs, which in turn would have a negative effect on their display of OCB. Factors affecting job involvement:

1. Job involvement and empowerment:
Empowerment is the process of enabling or authorizing an individual to think, behave, take action and control work and decision making in autonomous ways. Empowering the employees means providing them with higher level tasks, responsibility and decision making in the performance of their job. According to Wilkinson et al. (1998) and Karia and Asaari (2006), empowerment is a dominant HRM/TQM practice; there was a strong association with job involvement. 2. Job involvement and teamwork

Teamwork is defined as a joint action by a group...
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