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Completed Internship at

Internship report submitted for the final evaluation in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree


Masters in Business Administration

It is certified that, the internship report and the work contained in it confirm to all the students set by the institute for the evaluation of any such work.




4. __________________


This report is dedicated to the greatest man in the world that shows us the right path. Who is the great patron of the mankind that is Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH).

I would also like to dedicate this small effort of extract to my Parents and Teachers. They have always been a shinning star to look upon, to give light and to show me the directions when ever I am lost. May Allah give them more strength and long life to guide me forever, Ameen.


Allah Almighty, who created the universe and knows whatever, is there in it, hidden or evident and who bestowed upon me the intellectual ability and wisdom to search from its secrets.Countless salutation to upon the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the city of knowledge who has guided His ummah to seek knowledge from cradle to grave. I m lacking words to express my cordial gratitude to all staff members of National Bank of Pakistan Rawalakot Main Branch Azad Kashmir.I m especially thankful to the following persons for their great co-operation during my internship. Anwar Abbasi (Branch Manager), Afzal Kahn (Operation Manager), Raheel Khursheed (Clearing in-charge) & Also I want to express my special thanks to my faculty members CIIT wah who gave us this opportunity. I am thankful to my fellows who supported me to complete this Report.

Nasir Arif

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