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‘Best Practice’ Human Resource Management: Impact On Employee Performance In Non-Westernised Countries written by Dr Rosmah Mohamed in 2007 for 3rd Uniten International Business Management Conference 2007 at Equatorial Hotel Melaka, Malaysia . This article discusses about best practice HRM in Malaysia local government organization and performance from employees point of view. Dr Rosmah Mohamed also investigates impact on employees performance based on the motivation, job satisfaction, organizational citizenship behaviour stress and perceived organizational performance in the organization in Malaysia towards Best Practice of HRM. These factors are the major effects as measurement the employee’s performance. This paper also explained how HRM practices significantly enhanced and develop organizational performance to ensure the organization achieve competitive advantage. Regarding on this study, it will discover whether employee’s performance can make or break organization success.

Employees are the most important assets in achieving organizational competitive advantage, then the way they are treated is important (Preffer 1994). This describe importance of employees especially impact of HRM in order to enhance organizational competitive advantage. Best Practice of HRM requires that all managers (employer) are committed and understand the employee’s needs to ensure all parties work with high performance and beneficial to the organization at last. Most of the studies of HRM literature focus on the relationship between ‘best practice’ HRM and level of organization performance, for that reason this paper more focus on the employee in the public sector in Malaysia that majority muslim. The main objectives of the research to find out the connection between the best practices of HRM effects on employee’s performance outcomes of a stratified sample of government sector employees in non-westernized (Malaysia). Purposely, it to test the connection between ‘best practice’ and both employee outcomes and perceived organizational performance in local government sector. THE OBJECTIVES OF THE RESEARCH THAT ARE RELATED TO THE STUDY OF THE HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT As this article is more discuss about employee of the government sector in Malaysia, we can assume majority of the employee are muslim and practising Islam. All people are working for survive. Azman, Che Omar (2011) explained for muslim employees, they have to be delelop spiritually so that they become committed to Islam and thus making work as an ibadah. In the Development function in HRM, the main development process is performance management. This includes the appraisal from employer and based on result, what the best action need to implement or takes for employee. This paper is explained performance affect on the employee performance. In order to explained the process how ‘best practice’ HRM affect performance, Guest (1997) suggest theories of organizational behaviour and motivation. Additional, (Boxall and Purcell, 2003) also adapted the expectancy theory to describe the linkage between ‘best practice’ HRM and performance. The AMO theory of human performance Appelbaum et al. (2002) and physiological theory (Rousseau 1990) might also find out how the connection between ‘best practice’ HRM and performance work.


Figure 1 : Research Framework

According to the Figure 1; Research Framework of this study shows the independent variable that is ‘ best practice’ HRM is linked with employee motivation, job satisfaction, organizational citizenship behaviour and stress, and consequently linked with perceived organizational performance. In figure 1 the research framework also explains that the ‘best practice’ HRM is expected to be positively associated with the employee motivation, job satisfaction, organizational citizenship behaviour and stress are expected...
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