Hrm in India

Topics: Human resource management, Globalization, Policy Pages: 3 (879 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Management of human resources in foreign firms operating in India: the role of HR in country-specific headquarters

This paper throws light on the role played by Human Resource function in country specific headquarters in India. Every MNC has its country headquarter to control, create and sharing knowledge within that country. It also get critical connection with rest of the offices around the globe. The analysis is done using survey of 74 such foreign MNC having it’s headquarter in India. The survey gives information regarding the services that are being provided by HR to all the offices across the country. It also depicts the challenges faced by the HR function and the solution to overcome these issues. Emerging markets such as China, India are high in demand these days and large amount of FDIs, FIIs investment are attracted in such nation. Apart from this many MNCs and global companies are keeping its footprint for the first time to expand their business. To keeping in pace with the development, HR personnel plays important role of cohesion and understanding of new markets. Significant differences in socio-cultural, economic, political, legal, etc conditions in country like India and China make it sensible for MNC to adopt robust decision and HR co-ordination.

This research uses three sources of theory which are on emerging markets, global integration and local responsiveness and regional headquarters. Studies of 74 MNCs in India focused on the transfer of HR across subsidiaries, the role of HR in the success of joint ventures, contribution of HR towards organizational performance and issues related to recruitment, culture fit and managing host country nationals. This showed that the introduction of HRM practices from the foreign parent organization is negatively associated with performance, while local adaptation of HRM practices is positively related to the performance of foreign firms...
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