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  • Published : October 1, 2012
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HRM 400-100
FALL 2012


The Question is: How can we create an efficient human resource management system that can help the Hotel Paris achieve its strategic plans and goals? In order to achieve its strategic plans and goals, there are some basic HR strategy processes that Hotel Paris pursue. First of all I’d like to summarize the hierarchy of links among the hotel’s HR practices, necessary workforce competencies and behaviours, and required organizational outcomes. Than I will draw a simple strategy map for the Hotel Paris.

“The Basic HR strategy process is as follows: Management formulates a strategic plan. This plan in turn implies certain required organizational outcomes, such as improved costumer service. Those required outcomes in turn imply certain workforce requirements. Human resource management then formulates HR strategies (policies and practices) to produce the desired workforce skills, competencies, and behaviours. Finally the human resource manager chooses measures to gauge the extent to which its new policies and practices are actually producing the required employee skills and behaviours. The Hotel Paris’s human resource manager might use these six steps: Defining the business strategy, outlining a strategy map, Identifying the strategically required organizational outcomes, indentifying the required workforce competencies and behaviours, identifiying the required HR system policies and activities, and finally choosing HR scorecard measures.” (Dessler, page 96) Before mentioning what kind of strategy map Hotel Paris should have, I’d like to give a

simple definition about strategy map. With all its simplicity, a strategy map is a diagram that is being used to see strategic goals being pursued by an organization. “The philosophy of SHRM emphasizes the need to achieve coordination and integration between organizational culture, HR systems, business...
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