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Whichever major city you find yourself in, the chances are you’ll come across a Hilton Hotel. The company has 380 hotels worldwide and is represented in 66 countries. Its 80,000 strong workforce looks after an average of 8 million guests every year.

• 88% want access to more e-learning • 90% would recommend it to others • 80%+ levels of satisfaction • 2,500 active users worldwide - representing the total number of licences currently purchased from SkillSoft. The demand is so great that this figure is constantly being increased to meet demand. • 10,000 courses completed in the first year • Complete reversal of learning demand. Demand is now driven from the bottom-up rather than the top-down • Hilton is so pleased with the success of the university that Hilton is doubling its investment in Year 2.

Hilton selected 70 courses from SkillSoft’s management, business and IT curricula, which SkillSoft delivers to the company’s worldwide workforce through its in-built learner management system, SkillPort. Hilton also subscribes to Books24x7 so that it can offer a reference source to its 400+ IT specialists, providing them with access to the latest IT publications. As well as running and hosting SkillSoft content and allowing Hilton to track learning on a local, regional and national scale, SkillPort also delivers online courses from other learning providers - acting as a branded, customised portal for easy access to e-learning. Results to date are impressive, not only because of the business benefits already achieved, but because e-learning has proved a truly liberating experience for some employees - especially those from under-developed and developing nations who may not previously have had access to the sort of formal education which is often taken for granted in the West. By providing e-learning across its 380-strong hotel chain, Hilton has found that staff are happier. And, according to Hilton, happy staff = happy guests.

• Introduce a more contemporary and different way of learning. One which would be accessible to all, rather than just available to the chosen few. • Facilitate an increase in internal promotions across the Hilton group. • Reinforce Hilton as an employer of choice within the leisure and hospitality sector. • Deliver measurable benefits to individuals and to the business as a whole.

• Has the potential to reach everyone - at the same time and very quickly • Offers a flexible alternative to learning - one that isn’t limited to a set training event, at a set time, in a set location • Encourages the continuation of learning after the event • Complements and reinforces classroom training • Offers an efficient and consistent approach to training and a flexible alternative to traditional learning methods • Proving to be a cost-effective way of raising the skills of Hilton’s global workforce • Contributes to happier staff, reduced staff churn and an increase in potential new recruits

• • • • Open up learning to all Improve customer service globally Reduce training costs Introduce a different and more contemporary way of learning

levels. Having historically relied on classroom training, Hilton wanted to investigate quicker and more contemporary training methods, at the same time reducing training costs and opening up learning to its employees spread across 66 countries.

The quality of the Hilton brand is such, that customer service and operational excellence is higher than in most industries. As with all service businesses, the contribution of people is of central importance to Hilton’s success. Senior executives at Hilton believe that the training and ongoing development of its employees is critical in order for the business to stay ahead in a competitive global marketplace. Consequently, learning is a major part of the company’s strategy. Hilton’s ongoing aims are to encourage...
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