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Title :
Critically evaluate the Recruitment and Selection process at HDFC Bank(India). Aim:
At this point we are nor concerned with desirability of recruitment process since it can not be avoided. Instead our concern is focussed of those questions like recruitment for what purpose. On what basis should it be written down and saved or not? If saved for ever or for a year or two? These are issue to be argued and these are the elements that make manpower planning ground or bad, effective or ineffective. Objective:

The objective of the study is to analyse the actual recruitment process in HDFC Bank , and to evaluate how far this process confirm to the purposes underlying the operational aspects of the industry. How far the process is accepted by it ? And what are the options of the family members of the organisation? The study on recruitment highlights the need of recruitment in HDFC Bank Limited(India)

Without focussing the pattern of management, organisation philosophy highlights on achieving a surely where all citizens (employees) can lead a richer and fuller life. Every organisation, therefore, strikes for greater productivity, elimination of wastes, lower costs and higher wages, so the industry needs a stable and energetic labours force that can boast of production by increased productivity. To achieve these objectives a good recruitment process is essential. By which industry strikes right number of persons and right kind of persons at the right time and at right places through and the planning period without hampering productivity.

An organization is nothing without human resources. What is IBM without its employees? Same is in a hotel industry. It is totally based on managing people or manpower in an efficient way. When we think about the million of organization that provide us with goods and services, any one of more of which will employ us during our lifetime, often do we explicitly consider that these organization depend on...
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