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Guidelines To Answering BUSM 3201 Exam Questions

Q1.HR planning, with respect to Singapore (from past exam paper)

A1Explain five environmental influences on effective HR planning? How have these environmental factors influence the way human resources are planned? Shorter economic cycle –
Example: SIA Competition from budget airlines such as AirAsia forces it to start their own budget carrier service recently Example : Oil price increased from US$42 a barrel in May/Jun 2004 and reached max of US$77 18 months later Example: Raised fuel surcharges in Aug & Nov 04 because of oil price increase Example: Outsourced jobs: IT and Accounting staff retrenched in Sep 04 Strategic Changes – e.g Mediacorp & Mediaworks merger * Staff Rationalization

* Skills sets
* Performance
* Job Titles & Management Structures
* Job Scope and Functions
* Review employment contract terms
* Review work environment planning
Technological Changes
* More powerful software, gadgets and computers secretary, administration staff? * Sophisticated security systems security guards?
* Digital textbooks Printers?
Structural Changes In Economy
* Singapore loses edge against developing countries (China, India) * Promoting biomedical and pharmaceutical industries to reduce dependence on manufacturing sector Globalization
* Jobs moving to India, China, Mexico, Brazil and Russia (BRICs) * 1 Singapore worker = 10 to 12 Indian workers, 1:6 to 7 PRC workers and 1: 2 to 3 (Malaysian workers) * India outsourcing industry to employ 1.1 million by 2008

Q2Job design and employee flexibility (from past exam paper)

A2- If we don’t undertake job design and analysis, what problems might we face in recruitment and selection? Problems such as wrong hire, mismatch etc which may have dire financial consequences to the organization. -New organization business needs as we need to catch up with new skills and knowledge ie increase competencies needed - Company restructuring / mergers & acquisitions

- New role (e.g. due to technological changes)
- Job changes in anticipation of the need for higher productivity - New employee expectations
- Disagreements about role/job content
- No previous job design to improve on

Q3Internal versus external recruitment techniques (from past exam paper)



Q4Various forms of selection interviews & their reliability (from past exam paper) A4


Q5Performance management systems (from past exam paper)
A5Refer to attached slides

Q6Executive salaries & organisational performance (from past exam paper)  A6


Q7Selection interviews and validity (from past exam paper)
A7Refer to attached slides

Q8Employee wastage analyses (from past exam paper)
 A8Refer to attached slides

Q9A discussion Of Barriers of Females in Workplace (from Dr Malcolm’s email) A9
1. One of the basic rights of women is not to be discriminated against in the workforce and in the workplace. This right is enshrined in international law, such as United Nations conventions, International Labour Organization (ILO) conventions and the revised European Social Charter, as well as in the national law of all Council of Europe member states and in European Community law. Unfortunately, however, reality does not always comply with the law, and even in Europe women continue to be discriminated against in manifold ways, both in the workforce and in the workplace. 2. The first problem which women encounter is a lack of access to the labour market. In most Council of Europe member states, the labour force participation rate of women is lower and the unemployment rate of women higher than that of men – although there are strong regional variations. In general, far more women than men work in part-time jobs (not always of their own choosing) and many women are overqualified...
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