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The contribution of e-HRM to
the business organizations in the HR area

In today’s, with the develop of the information technology, information systems and the internet are become more and more important and revolutionizing the Human Resource Management in the organization, increasing the efficiency of the operation and supporting the HR professionals in those HR functions. Therefore, the e-HRM systems was derived which is use of web- based technologies for human resources management practices. It is obviously that the e-HRM can benefit the organization in the HRM area. For example, it is a more efficiency way to recruiting worker, motivating employee to work so that it can achieve the company object, etc. However, there are someone still not clear or query about the advantage or importance of the e-HRM. Therefore, in this article, we will fully explain how the e-HRM systems contributes to HRM effectiveness in a two major HR process:(1) employee recruitment and selection (2)Performance appraisal. In order to support the article, in the following part, we will mention some real case. The article is structured as follows: first explaining the contribution of e-HRM to the HR recruitment part, second we will focus on the performance appraisal. The article will finishes with conclusion and the discussion part.

Contribution of e-HRM to the Recruitment

Recruitment is the process of attracting the potential applicants who meet the organization requirements. The e-HRM systems can automate the recruitment process, let it more efficiency, cost and time effectiveness,

There are two type of e-recruitment system. First, the applicant tracking system which can screen out the qualified resumes based on certain predefined criteria, resulting in huge timesaving for HR. Also, under this system, the letter or e-mail can be automatically send to the unqualified applicants.[8]

The second system is (HMS) which called hiring management system. In the HMS system, it will use the job boards and corporate websites to create a match from a pool of applicants [2]. When the system has received a resume which is matching the requirement, the system will automatically sent the e-mail to the company.

As the above e-recruitment system, we can see that e-HRM system is a more effective and efficiency way to recruit the worker. Also can help the company to attract candidates with high levels of drive, pervious achievement and the work experience [2] since the following reason:

1) e-recruitment system can improve the communication with the hiring managers, applicants, and other recruiters 2) e-recruitment system allow the candidate to apply the jobs anytime and anywhere so that the organization can employ the talents who are come from the different countries 3) e-recruitment system allows the user to easily collect, track and manage the employee referrals and talent networking programs 4) Candidate- friendly job advertising through the online job board and career centers 5) Compare with the traditional recruiting systems, e-recruiting system can provide more information about the job requirement 6) Compare with the old system, candidates can easily access the recruitment’s information so that it can increase the opportunity of hiring the suitable workers

In addition, some estimates indicate that 100% of the large firms have already use the openings, and there are 82% of large firms have used the intranet systems to post openings or identify the qualified workers within the organization [2]. Though the intranet systems, organization can search the existing employee records such as their performance, how long did they work for the company, etc. Based on this information, the recruiter can whether the existing employee meet the requirement of the new job or not. The systems may automatically provide list of the qualified existing worker so that the recruiter can promote the existing employee.

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