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The aim of this essay is to demonstrate Human Resource Management (HRM) in a way that is both challenging and rewarding in contemporary organizations. Human Resource Management (HRM) is a new way of thinking about how people should be managed as employees in the workplace. (Ashly Pinnington and George Lafferty 2003, P.4) In much the same way as there are different roads to success, HRM is not one theory but an evolving set of competing theories and strategy contributors. The purpose of this essay will analyse why organisation do not regard H.R as effective how can change? What role should it play? Why should it play? What are the challenges facing by HR managers?

The H.R manager Role

People management has existed in one form or another since the beginning of time. In recent times how this process has been managed has become more formalised and specialised. Ulrish (1997) gives the following examples of four key roles for the manager:

1. Strategic partner
‘HR professionals ‘play a strategic partner role when they have the ability to translate business strategy into action. (Ulrish, D. 1997, P79)

* Know the business- understand the organisation, its finances, its people, its products and services, its customers and its business environment * Speak ‘bottom-line’ language-demonstrate how HRM improves business performance and reduces costs * Add value- Show how HRM can help line managers to better achieve their performance objectives * Provide professional advice- be a competent manager prepared to accept assignments outside of HRM. * Make the line manager job easier- avoid administrative trivia and a bureaucratic ‘police’ role. * Be professional- speak up key issues with an independent voice.

2. Administrative expert

Refers to the efficiency of HR managers and how effective they are in managing HR activities (Such as selection) so that they create value. (Stone et al, 2010, P.10) HR must be capable of using technology: i.e. Human information systems, HRM software, design, implementation and delivery of all organisational work processes at lower costs and higher values. “Research indicates that competency levels of HR managers in high-performing firms are significantly higher than those of HR manager in low-performing firms”. ( Yeung, A. 1998, P4)

3. Employee champion
Requires the HR manager to be the employee’s voice in management decisions. The writer believes HR managers should not only actively communicate and listen to what their employees’ have to say before HR managers do any decision as these decisions must be fair and equitable, but also provide assistance to employees to discover new resources that can enable them to perform their jobs more effectively and efficiency.

For example, Ulrish (1994) states that managers need to learn how to set priorities, eliminate non-value-added work, clarify goals, simply complex processes, become involved in decision making, increase commitments; share in economic gain. ( Ulrish, D. 1994 P15)

However, not all employees desire participation in decision making, because it will add to their work load but not increase their pay. Employees might say: “We just want to do our job that we were hired to do and we don’t really care what decisions managers make as long as it doesn’t have a negative effect on us.” In other words, they have no real motivation to participate in decision making. Actually, I don’ think it is an appropriate statement that describe contemporary employees’ attitude toward HR manager in organisation. For instance, Panasonic Corporation in Malaysia has always placed special emphasis on personnel development. “Make People Before Making Products” is one of the fundamentals of its management philosophy. This philosophy added with the desire to respond to the Malaysian Government’s policy which stresses human resource development for the growth of the industrial sector fuelled the foundation of...
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