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Topics: Employment, Pregnancy, Family Pages: 2 (606 words) Published: May 31, 2013
1 .What are the causes of the compensation gender gap?
a) Firstly, male and female are greatly influenced and socialized by the individual family structure and values that males are more important or useful than females in society during their growth. b) Secondly, men and women have different job orientation, skills, and credentials when they enter the job. Men may learn more difficult but practically useful skills and have stronger passion to win causing by tradition to some extent. c) Thirdly, women are much less likely than men to use informal channels in obtaining jobs so that they can gain more compensation. d) Fourthly, companies pay men more than women due to taking men as the breadwinners according to the tradition.

2. What can women do to close the gender gap? What can employers do? Women:
a) Firstly, women should change their own ideas that men are breadwinners so they should get more compensation even in the same field. Women should also be persistent in one careers rather than just babysitting babies. b) Secondly, women should try to learn more and choose competitive careers orientation to stabilize their status when they still are little girls instead of being influenced by tradition. c) Thirdly, women should be brave to safeguard their own interests in companies. Employers:

a) Firstly, employers should correct the traditional thoughts that men are breadwinners to treat men and women equally. b) Secondly, employers should not discriminate against pregnant women. c) Thirdly, employers can provide policies to encourage women to take more challenging jobs.

3. How does the “mommy drain” affect human resource planning? The “mommy drain” prompts many companies to take innovative steps to stop it. HR departments may need to cost about $75,000 to recruit and hire a skilled replacement of an employee with a $50,000 annual salary. And there may be more potential costs from job coverage, absenteeism during maternity...
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