Hrm Case Study on Kitchenworld Inc

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  • Published : May 13, 2013
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Kitchenworld plc is a long- established retail company that specialises in selling fitted kitchens and appliances such as fridges, freezers and cookers from a chain of showrooms spread all over the UK. Over many years they built up a good reputation based on their competitive prices and knowledgeable sales staff. Customers liked to visit their local showroom, which was situated in the city centre, to discuss their requirements with the staff there. They would browse around the kitchen displays and check out the appliances. Kitchenworld offered a free in-home design service without obligation and customers would often take advantage of this. Once they had placed their orders they knew they could rely on Kitchenworld to deliver and even install their new kitchen units and appliances, if that was needed. In order to give this level of service Kitchenworld built up a team of talented managers and staff many of whom had been with the company for years. The company encouraged promotion from within and many of the managers had started off as junior sales staff and worked their way up. The sales and kitchen design staff were given training when they started working at Kitchenworld and were kept updated through on-the-job training as new products were launched. Pay and benefits were not much better than at other retailers but the staff discount was particularly valuable. Staff could get a discount of 30% on anything they bought and this was also available to family members and friends. There was a final salary pension scheme for eligible staff and a generous holiday entitlement. Company sick pay was paid in cases of certified sickness and could be paid for as long as six months. Another benefit much appreciated by the staff was time off to attend training courses run by the appliance manufacturers, for those who wanted to improve their product knowledge. After many years of successful trading Kitchenworld are...