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Job Analysis for developing Job description in
DEOTI Fashions Ltd

Report on
Job Analysis for developing Job description in Deoti Fashions Ltd.

Prepared for
Md. Mustafizur Rahman
Faulty, CBA

Prepared by
HRM Antivirus (A)

IUBAT- International University of Business, Agriculture & Technology

April 08, 2010

Letter of Transmittal
HRM Antivirus
Bachelor and Business Administration
IUBAT, Uttara, Dhaka

March 15, 2010

Md. Mustafizur Rahman
Faulty, CBA

Subject: Job analysis for developing job description in Deoti Fashions Ltd.

Dear Sir,
We are much pleased to submit the project repot on “Job analysis for developing job description in Deoti Fashions Ltd”. For increasing knowledge from this report which is essential requirement for the completion of Human Resource Management course. This report is a result of the Project program that we have conducted during specified time. All the presented here is done with utmost sincerely and honesty. We have tried our best to make this report holistic and informative enough.

Apart from the academic knowledge gained, this project report and preparation of this report has given us the opportunity to acquaint our self with the RMG prospects in Bangladesh. We believe that the experience we acquired from this study will be an invaluable asset in our life.

Working with such an interesting program has given us the opportunity to achieve experience on. We are always available for any further quarries regarding this report.

Yours truly,
Leader of HRM Antivirus
Bachelor of Business Administration
IUBAT, Uttara, Dhaka

Letter of Authorization
4 Embankmant Drive Road
Sector# 10, Uttara

21 March 2010

Md. Ashraful Alam
ID# 09102123
Program: BBA

Dear Md Ashraful,
You will be happy to know that project on job analysis for developing job description has been assign to you. I have received your proposal last week. Based on your proposal you will have to submit it as soon as possible. I hope you will successfully complete the project on time. After successful completion of the project you are requested to write a report based on the project.

For any kind of needs don’t hesitate to contact with me.

Thank you

Md. Mustafizur Rahman
Faculty, CBA

Executive summary
Deoti Fashions Ltd is a new company which is 100% exported company. Its makes formal pant of Armani, Wall mart, Tema, PVH, HnM, BHS etc world class brand’s pant. In total, the environmental industry is represented by over 526 people who range from one person operations this industry is a large employer of a highly skilled and productive workforce. The company's knowledge and awareness of the driving forces behind the increasing demand for environmental services like others company by its municipal and community markets will remain invaluable. Presently, the need for environmentally specialized firms and businesses to fulfill this need is apparent and has become increasingly large. In this report you can know about the RMG sector in Bangladesh .You can also know the job analysis and job description, its purpose and method or step of the job analysis. Why job analysis is important is an organization, you can know. What was the past condition and what is present condition of RMG sector, you can also know. What is the problem and what will be solution we describe in the report. Gendered division of labour, wages and also we flash up the overall design of RMG sector in Bangladesh. At first we identify job to analysis then we have to develop the target audience description. Then we compile total task inventory and made a structure of job analysis. Then we collected task information data. Then we found nominate...
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