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Topics: Management, Human resource management, Learning Pages: 3 (769 words) Published: March 27, 2013
Chapter 11 - Case study:The role of HR in re-engineering and
change at Siemens Rolm, Textbook page 277
Answers to case study questions in textbook, page 277

1.How can HR practices help Siemens Rolm become a learning organisation?

A learning organisation is an organisation in which everyone is engaged in identifying and solving problems, enabling the organisation to continuously experiment, improve on and increase its capability. This approach involves a shift in an organisational paradigm because employees are expected to continuously learn as they produce - something essential for Siemens Rolm. Learning can occur on at least three different levels: 1)single-loop learning which emphasises the identification of problems and then taking corrective action; 2) double-loop learning which stresses the understanding of basic assumptions and core values that led to a particular problem, and a willingness to change them; and 3) deuterolearning (learning to be a better learner) which is directed at the learning process by improving the way in which the organisation performs single- and double-loop learning; the proof of deuterolearning is in the demonstrable improvement in learning pay-off for equal effort.

Researchers and practitioners have an array of notions of what fosters learning in organisations. They have identified at least five different organisational dimensions of a learning organisation: structure, information systems, HRM practices, organisational culture and leadership. Since the focus of the first question of the case study is on HRM practices, we will look more closely at this factor. A number of human resource management practices are necessary to support a learning organisation. For example, as indicated in the case study, performance appraisal and reward systems that reinforce long-term performance and the development and sharing of new skills and knowledge are particularly important.

In addition, the HRD function in...
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