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“With you, making Mauritius safer”

Human Resource Management Capability
(modernising our human resource management)

Mauritius Police Force

National Policing Strategic Framework

Blue Print

“Human Resource Management Capability”
(modernising our human resource management)

This ‘Blue Print’ is one in a series of six strategic documents, each of which deals with one pillar of the National Policing Strategic Framework (NPSF). The others are:

 Community Policing — greater accountability to the community  Achieving a Human Rights Compliant Organisation — a commitment to Professional standards  Permanent Strategic Planning Capability — strategic direction at Force and Divisional level  Intelligence-Led Policing — development of proactive responses

 Enhancing Reactive Capability — a step change in the quality of our reactive activities.

National Policing Strategic Framework National Policing Strategic Framework

BlueBlue Print Print

Human Resource Management Capability HRM Capability


1. 2. 3. WHERE WE WANT TO BE 3.1 The Organisation 3.2 The Constables/Corporals 3.3 Line Supervisors 3.4 Line Managers 3.5 Middle Managers 3.6 Top Managers 4. HOW WE GET THERE 4.1 Human Resource Department Structure 5 HR PLANNING — MAKING THE HR FUNCTION STRATEGIC 3 3 3 4 4 4 5 5 5 7 BACKGROUND 2




RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION — HIRING THE BEST 6.1 Recruitment 6.2 Selection 6.3 Enlistment 7. TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT 7.1 Training Needs Analysis 7.2 Continuous Training and Development 7.3 Evaluation of Training and Development 7.4 New Development Plans 8. PROMOTION PROCEDURES — SELECTING THE BEST MANAGERS 8.1 Learning Culture 9. PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT 9.1 Continuous Appraiser Briefings 9.2 Link with other HRM Functions 10. 11. 12. CONCLUSION DISCIPLINE RETENTION — PROMOTING A CONDUCIVE WORK ENVIRONMENT

8 8 9 9 10 10 10 11 11 12 13 13 14 14 14 15 16

National Policing Strategic Framework National Policing Strategic Framework

BlueBlue Print Print

Human Resource Management Capability HRM Capability

(modernising our human resource management)



The human resource is considered as the most important asset of all organisations. It has been argued that in service organisations, the quality of service delivered is very much dependent on how best those who deliver the service are managed.

However, the proper management of an organisation’s human resource is best achieved by adopting an integrated approach. We should look at the HRM functions holistically so that there is coherence between them (achieving horizontal integration) and HRM policy and practices are in line with the organisation’s overall strategy (achieving vertical integration).

No modern organisation can claim to build coherence in HRM practices without a dedicated HRM department. The MPF is no exception. But organisations differ in the services provided by their respective HRM departments. Such services may vary from mere administrative work on one extreme of a continuum to performing strategic HRM, which helps top management in making informed strategic decisions, on the other.

With the posting of a number of officers from the Ministry of Civil Service to the MPF, the organisation has set up a Personnel Division to replace the former Records Office. However, the duties performed by the Personnel Division have so far been of a routine and administrative nature such as personnel records keeping and processing of salary, leaves, retirement benefits etc. For better Human Resource Management in the MPF we will empower the Personnel Division in a more strategic role.

This HRM strategy sets out the MPF’s plans to ensure that, within the existing system in which it operates, the organisation has the right staff, at the right time, in right number, at the right place, with the right...
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