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How Human Resource Management contributes to the achievement of organisational goals

Human resource management can be regarded as a strategic and coherent approach to the management of an organisation's most valued assets- the people who individually and collectively contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the business (Armstrong, 1999).

Three key HRM activities at Barclays
1. Grievance procedure
2. Equality & Diversity
3. Rewards and Benefits

The grievance procedure
A grievance situation can arise where an employee has a complaint or problem about any issue relating to their work, working environment, pay and benefits, working hours or is concerned about any other serious matters, such as allegations of harassment or bullying. It is essential for managers to remember that for the individual every problem is handled seriously and sensitively (Barclay intranet)

Barclays achievement of above objective through effective management of HR The informal stage - Barclays aims to create an environment where problems are resolved early and informally by direct communication between a line manager and employee. Experience shows that problems are best resolved if they are acted upon quickly by those have a more detailed understanding of the issues. At Barclays, employees are encouraged to raise these issues on an informal basis with their manager, who will discuss the concerns in confidence, make discrete inquiries if required and attempt to resolve the issue speedy and fairly. The formal grievance procedure: - If an issue cannot be resolved informally, the employee may use the formal grievance procedure. Problems or queries must be raised within one month or the date of the incidents referred to. Managers are under a duty to ensure that grievance meetings are arranged and held without unreasonable delay. There are two stages in this formal stage. At stage one the grievance should be raised in writing to the manager of the employee's manager within one month of the incident of which complaint is made. If the employee is not satisfied with the outcome at this level, the employee may wish to proceed to the second stage where the grievance may be raised with the next senior manager in the business.

Equality and Diversity
Barclays' objective: At Barclays we value the diverse backgrounds of our people and are fully committed to providing equal opportunities in employment. Harassment, bullying or discrimination of any kind including race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability or age is unacceptable and if substantiated, will be treated as a disciplinary matter.

Barclays achievement of above objective through effective management of HR. At Barclays there are about 145,000 employees working worldwide and that emphasises how diverse Barclays is. Barclay recruits employees from different ethnic origins like British, European, Asian and African. It believes speaking an additional language is an additional benefit to the business because not every customer coming to the bank can speak English. Barclay has a zero tolerance policy on discrimination. It welcomes applicants on whatever their gender, colour, orientation or religious beliefs.

Rewards and benefits
Organisations are looking for added value of the employees by encouraging them to increase their effort and performance beyond what is at a minimally acceptable standard (Beardwell and Holden, 1997)

Barclays achievement of above objective through effective management of HR At Barclays there are so many rewards and benefits alongside the monthly salary. Employees get bonuses according to their performance and contribution to the business. Barclay's pension scheme is one of the most attracting benefits the employees get. The bank contributes 17% of the salary while the employee contributes 3%. Share purchase, share save, recognition scheme, long service award, private medical expenses scheme, flexible working, job share scheme, career break...
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