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Hrm Appraisal

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Once the employees has been selected, trained and motivated, he is then apprised for his performance. Performance appraisal is the step where the management finds out how effective it has been hiring and placing employees. If any problem is identified, steps are taken to communicate with the employees and to remedy them. So “so a performance appraisal is a process of evaluating an employees performance of a job in terms of its requirement “

Several methods and techniques of appraisal are available for measurement of the performance of the employee. The methods and scales differ for obvious reason. First they differ in sources of traits and qualities to be apprised. The quality may differ because of difference in job requirements. Second they differ because of different kinds of workers who are being rated .third the variation may be caused by the degree of precision attempted in an evaluation. Finally they differ because of the method used to obtain weighting for various traits.

The performance appraisal method is divided into three categories these are

Trait-based method

Behavioral method

Comparative method

Result oriented method

The part concerned with me is the comparative methods

There are so many methods which are include in comparative method but the most important and most popular are

Straight ranking method

Grading method

Graphing rating method

Forced choice description method

Forced distribution methods

Check list method

Critical incident method

Free from easy method

Straight ranking method

It is the oldest and simplest method of performance appraisal, by which the man and his performance are considered as an entity by the rater. No attempted is to made to fractionalize the rate; the whole man...

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