Hrm and Culture

Topics: Human resource management, Management, South Korea Pages: 9 (2872 words) Published: March 3, 2013
HRM and Culture
Patricia A. Keit
Dr. Linda Force
HRM 530 Strategic Human Resource Management
May 27, 2012

Determine if and how the HRM practices align with the company’s business strategy.
HRM practices should align with the company’s business strategy in order to ensure that the organization selects right employees to give the company a competitive advantage. SK Telecom is the leading mobile service provider in South Korea. Since the organization is a technology firm, the business strategy is one of differentiation. As the most innovative mobile service provider, SK Telecom is creating the future of mobile and delivering cutting-edge, converged wireless technologies for the global market. The company is a pioneer in the mobile industry, having been the first to launch and commercialize CDMA, 3G CDMA, 3.5G HSDPA among other mobile services, and is now leading the way in 4G and beyond (SK Telecom, n. d.). Therefore, the HRM practices should the Committed Expert strategy to support a differentiation competitive strategy. This means that the HR must recruit and hire employees with special technology skills and certifications to support the company’s business strategy of cutting-edge innovation for sustainable leadership in the global competitive fast pace market. SK Telecom’s drive to become the world’s top communications company is fueled by attracting superior talent, providing advanced training, and making optimal use of human resources. The objectives of SK Telecom’s HR policy are to maximize productivity per capita by procuring excellent talent through training and optimal use of its employees, and to become the world’s leading telecommunication company by strengthening the competitiveness of individual staff (SK Telecom, n.d.)). However, other considerations for the human resources managers in a global organization are cultural concerns. South Korea is slow to hire women in key leadership positions in corporations due to cultural beliefs that women do not belong in the business arena. Sometimes corporate and societal cultures do no align with the overall corporate vision or outlook. For instance, introduced in 1979, the SK Management System (SKMS) is their all-inclusive management development strategy based on respecting the dignity and creativity of each employee. They have designed the management system to: understanding and acceptance of our business principles including the priority to maximize growth; instill their vision, values and goals in employees; encourage people to achieve high-performance; bring together diverse groups of individuals and achieve consensus; find, develop and reward the unique talents of all people (SK Telecom, n.d.). Although, SK management’s strategy is to treat all their employees fairly, because of the country’s strong cultural values about the type of jobs women should and should not do, has caused large companies to be slow to give women the same management and leadership opportunities afforded to men. Therefore, by the HR excluding a whole segment of a talented, innovative segment of the population, puts the company at a disadvantage on the global reach in which they are trying to make gains in the industry. Discuss how hiring more women and promoting them could improve the competitive advantage of this company.

In order for SK Telecom to continue their expansion into global markets, it is to their advantage as company to have a reputation for recruiting and hiring women at all levels of management throughout the organization. Most of the company’s in which they are competing already have many women throughout their organizations for many years that are in key leadership positions. Therefore, hiring talented, technically knowledgeable women to represent SK Telecom on the global stage can give the organization a reputation as an all-inclusive place to work and a company that is smart enough to move past stereotypes and to take advantage of the capabilities that...
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